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Zero and First Conditionals Quiz


We use first conditional to express something that will probably happen…

A. In the past

B. In the present

C. In the future

D. Now

If we don’t sell our house, we ___.

A. will not move

B. don’t move

C. move

If Justin ___ tonight, Karen will be delighted.

A. cook

B. cooks

C. will cook

If you mix water and electricity, you get a shock.

A. Zero Conditional

B. First Conditional

She ….. her driving test if she ….. her driving lessons regularly.

A. passes, ….. takes

B. will pass, ….. takes

C. pass, ….. will take

D. will passes, ….. takes

Plants die if they ___ enough water.

A. get

B. don’t get

C. will not get

Which sentence is “zero conditional”?

A. If it rains, I won’t go to the baseball game.

B. She’ll miss the bus if she doesn’t leave soon.

C. If you heat water till 100°, it boils.

If I win this tournament, I ________ preparing for the Olympics.

A. will start

B. would start

C. start

D. starts

If you ……. fire, you …….. burned.

A. touches ….. get

B. will touch, ….. get

C. touch, ….. get

D. touch, …… will gets

the formula for ZERO CONDITIONAL is……

A. present simple + present simple

B. IF+present simple ,….. future simple

C. IF+present simple,…….present simple

D. IF +future simple,….present simple

If you ___ too many calories, you put on weight.

A. eat

B. will eat

C. eats

If you go to England, you’ll learn English.

A. Zero Conditional

B. First Conditional

Don’t worry. Rob ___ the exam if he’s studied enough.

A. has passed

B. will have passed

C. will pass

If I ___________ superpowers, I would become a villain!

A. had

B. have

C. did

D. don’t have


A. to talk about situations that are possible

B. to talk about situations that are generally or always true.

C. to talk about situations that are probable

D. to talk about the consequences

I …. John about the meeting, I…… him tomorrow.

A. will tell ….. if I see

B. tells ….. if I see

C. tell ….. , if I see

D. will tell ….. , if I see

If the weather is fine tomorrow, …………

A. we goes on a picnic.

B. we will go on a picnic.

C. we would go on a picnic.

I ___ and see the doctor if I don’t feel better tomorrow.

A. go

B. will go

C. would go

The formula for the FIRST CONDITIONAL is…..

A. if +past simple,……..will…..

B. if +present simple,……..present simple

C. if + will…….present simple

D. If + present simple,……will …….

If you gave me some money, I ____ you with your homework.

A. will help

B. help

C. helped

D. would help

My sister ___ the phone if she is watching a film in TV.

A. doesn’t answer

B. will not answer

C. answers

If it ___ soon, there will be a drought.

A. doesn’t rain

B. do not rain

C. will not rain

Some dogs bite if they ___ scared.

A. are

B. will be

C. are being

Which sentence is “first conditional”?

A. If you want to stay healthy, you need to do some exercise.

B. If she studies hard, she will pass an exam.

C. If today is Friday, tomorrow is Saturday.

You _________ electrocuted when you touch a power outlet.

A. will get

B. would get

C. get

D. can’t get


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