Grammar Quiz

1st Conditional Quiz


___ me with my homework if I ___ a problem?

A. Will you help/will have

B. Will you help/have

C. Will you help/has

D. You help/have

If he___ the car, he___ it.

A. likes / will buy

B. liked/ buy

C. like/ bought

D. will like / buy

They ___ all their friends if they ___ to go abroad.

A. miss/choose

B. will miss/ will choose

C. misses/ will choose

D. miss/ will choose

If they ___ here, we___ to go home.

A. don’t come/ will have

B. didn´t come/ will have

C. will come / have

D. don´t come / had

Sandra ___ a gap year if she ___ some money.

A. doesn`t do/doesn`t save

B. doesn`t do/save

C. do/doesn`t save

D. doesn`t do/will save

If Ella ___ find a paid job this year, she___voluntary work to get experience.

A. will/do

B. doesn`t/do

C. doesn`t/will do

D. do/will

If the school uniform ___ compulsory next year, we ___ to wear it.

A. is/will have

B. be/will have

C. will be/have

D. will be/will have

My teacher___ mind if I ___ my essay tomorrow.

A. don`t/finish

B. doesn`t/will finish

C. doesn`t/ finish

D. doesn`t will /will finish

If I___ her, I___ her.

A. seen / will leave

B. saw / tell

C. see / will tell

D. seeing / told

If Joe ___ all his exams, his parents ___ him a car

A. passes/buy

B. will pass/will buy

C. pass/will buy

D. passes/will buy

If it___, I___ a jacket.

A. are cold/ are taking

B. was cold / will take

C. is cold / taked

D. Is cold/ will take

If John ___ PE and Art, he ___ more time for academic subjects.

A. drop/will have

B. drops/has

C. will drop/will have

D. drops/will have


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