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Compliment, Congratulation, and Hope Quiz


The following sentences are expression of congratulation, except . . .

A. That’s great

B. How poor you are!

C. Nice work

D. I congratulate you on your success

What is a proper respond when someone compliments your looking?

A. I am actually not

B. No, you’re lying!

C. Thanks, I appreciate that

D. Really? I don’t think so.

Betty : What a pretty dress!
Mary : Thanks. Do you like it? I bought it in the new factory outlet
Based on the dialogue above we know that Betty . . . .

A. asking for attention

B. gives a compliment to Marry

C. gives a hope

D. gives a congratulation

The following sentences which expression of hope is . . .

A. I need a nice house

B. I like a nice house

C. I Wish I had a nice house

D. Will have a nice house

Audrey : I just bought a new gown. What do you think about it?
Lala: . . . . . .
Audrey : Thanks
The answer that describe a compliment is . . .

A. Where did you buy it?

B. What a pretty gown

C. I don’t know

D. How much it cost?

Brenda : I ……. your house! It’s so spacious and clean.
Luke : Thank you very much for saying so.
The correct answer would be . . .

A. love

B. dislike

C. want

D. hate

Reva : I won English competition two weeks ago.
Gilang : Really? Congratulation! . . . .

A. You are very lazy

B. You are very cleaver

C. How stupid he is

D. What a smart student he is

Pluto : Would you like some more slices of pizza?
Hans : They’re very ……., but I’m full already.
What is the proper word should be?

A. So so

B. Delicious

C. Not good

D. Tasteless

Putri : I hope to be able to do it next month.
The underlined words show . . . .

A. Expectation

B. Acceptance

C. Agreement

D. Invitation

Maya : . . . . . Yuia, here is a little present from all of us
Yulia : Thank you very much. It’s so kind of you

A. I wish

B. Happy birthday

C. Hope

D. Thank you

Diah : how was your work?
Ana : I have finished my first novel
Diah : wow . . .

A. Thank you

B. Well done! You did it

C. Oh my God

D. I hope it’s fine

Dhika : Dad, I have won the table tennis competition!
Dad : . . . . .

A. Congratulation on your achievement, son

B. I’m sorry to hear that

C. Of course not

D. Sure, why not

Fina : Congratulation on your 14th Birthday.
Gio : . . . .

A. Thank you very much

B. Well done

C. Oh, not really

D. No, thank you

You are visiting a friend in a hospital. What do you probably say to your friend?

A. Get well soon!

B. How are you getting on?

C. Take care of yourself

D. What’s wrong with you?

Aldi : I . . . you are happy in the USA
Raya : don’t worry about that, I will Happy, thanks.

A. Nice work

B. Like

C. Good

D. Wish


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