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Present Tense Quiz


Mary and her brother__________(watch) cartoons every Sunday morning.

A. watches

B. are watching

C. watch

D. have watched

Jim and I _______________ lucky.

A. is

B. am

C. are

D. be

Put the words in order:

I / playing / right now / chess / am

A. I am playing chess right now

B. I am chess right now playing

C. I play right now chess am

D. I chess am right now playing

Water _______ on Earth as a solid, liquid and gas.

A. exists

B. exist

C. existed

D. existing

Are you hungry?

A. Yes, I am.

B. No, I am.

C. Yes, I’m.

D. No, you aren’t.

I _______________ good grade every semester.

A. good

B. get

C. gets

D. gotten

… your mother at home?

A. Do

B. Does

C. Is

D. Are

He always…to work at 08.00 everyday.

A. gone

B. went

C. go

D. goes

Jacky often… to Singapore for vacation

A. are travelling

B. is travelling

C. Travels

D. Travel

We _______ help our mother with the housework.

A. helps

B. helping

C. helped

D. help

What (you do) tonight?

A. What do you do tonight?

B. What do tonight?

C. What tonight?

D. What you do tonight?

In summer, the children usually ______________ in the garden.

A. play

B. playing

C. played

D. plays

He _____________________ football. (like/not)

A. do not like

B. does not like

C. does not likes

D. do not likes

What time……..the film…….?

A. is/starting

B. do/start

C. does/starts

D. does/start

Rara was my best friend. We always does homework together.

The best word to replace the underlined are?

A. were, do

B. is, do

C. am, does

D. are, do

My English teacher _____ in luck but in effort.

A. doesn’t believe

B. isn’t believing

C. hasn’t believed

D. hasn’t been believeing

Many birds of Europe … south to Africa in winter.

A. are flying

B. fly

C. flies

D. has flown

I’m going to buy a new swimming costume. My old one ___ anymore.

A. doesn’t fit

B. isn’t fitting

C. haven’t fitted

They___my grandparents.

A. is

B. are

C. am

D. does

how long ______ Pete?

A. do you know

B. are you knowing

C. have you known

D. have you been knowing

She hates loud noise. That’s why she … like rock music.

A. do not

B. is not

C. does not

D. are not

Mrs Hastati…….shopping once a week

A. go

B. going

C. gone

D. goes

I can see that you__________(have) a lot of fun.

A. had

B. are having

C. has

D. having

They usually _______________ their hands in the water.

A. put

B. puts

C. is putting

D. putted

I always … to the market with my parent.

A. goes

B. go

C. going

D. gone

E. went


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