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Adverb Clauses Quiz


Different subordinating conjunctions express different relationships: When? Where? How? Why? and ___

A. Which one?

B. Comparison

C. What kind?

D. How many?

True or false: Adverb clauses answer the question “What?”



They make telescopes________________ they can see the galaxies well.

A. so that

B. since

C. whenever

D. because

Jack fed the dog _____ he gave it a bath.

A. after

B. so

C. when

D. if

True or false: All adverb clauses start with a subordinating conjunction 100 percent of the time?



You should say goodbye to your brother ________________ you leave for Europe.

A. before

B. after

C. while

D. whenever

Please do not use your phone _____.

A. when being driving

B. when you driving

C. when driving

D. when drive

Identify the adverb clause in this sentence:
If Perry calls, please tell him I am on my way.

A. please tell him I am on my way

B. If Perry calls

Adverb clauses modify _______, adjectives, and other adverbs.

A. nouns

B. pronouns

C. verbs

D. prepositions 

Find the adverb clause: She likes the red car more than her husband does.

A. She likes the car

B. more than her husband does

C. her husband

D. likes the red car more

Identify the adverb clause: Michael was so sick today that he couldn’t go to school. 

A. “Michael… couldn’t go to school”

B. “Michael was so sick”

C. “That he couldn’t go to school”

D. None of the above

________________she goes, there are crowds of people waiting to see her.

A. Whenever

B. Before

C. As

D. Wherever

Jessica usually listens to music_____ she does her homework.

A. because

B. but

C. when

D. so

______their German was very bad, they could communicate with the shop assistant.

A. so

B. since

C. because

D. although

Put the picture in a place ________________ we can see it.

A. since

B. where

C. until

D. if

What is the subordinating conjunction?

Frank was the only one there when we got home.

A. Only

B. Was

C. We

D. When

True or False? An adverb clause modifies nouns.



________________ I came to this country, I didn’t speak a word of English!

A. Before

B. When

C. Since

D. After

I ran out of gas________________ I was driving home from work.

A. while

B. because

C. since

D. so that

Identify the adverb clause:

My favorite flavor is pineapple although I like chocolate too.

A. I like chocolate too

B. although I like chocolate too

C. My favorite flavor

Find the adverb clause: She was so happy that she skipped around the room.

A. that she skipped around the room

B. she skipped around the room

C. She is so happy

D. None of these are correct

I will stay in America ________________ I have perfect English.

A. until

B. because

C. wherever

D. so that

Bring in the toys _____ they get destroyed.

A. when

B. before

C. after

_____ you finish your homework, please mop the floor for me.

A. so

B. when

C. because

D. after

Find the adverb clause: Sally wanted to go to the park after the parade ended.

A. to go to the park after the parade ended

B. Sally wanted to go the the park ended

C. after the parade

D. after the parade ended


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