Grammar Quiz

Adjectives vs Adverbs Quiz


I haven’t been feeling very well ________.

A. late

B. lately

C. later

Tim is very ___. He always helps me with English.

A. kindly

B. kind

C. bad

D. badly

My friends all tell me that I sing___.

A. bad

B. good

C. badly

D. goodly

The thief ___ took my money and walked away.

A. quiet

B. quite

C. quietly

My dad always walks very ___.

A. fastly

B. quiet

C. slow

D. quickly

Of course I was ___ when I got an A+ on the exam.

A. happyly

B. happy

C. happily

The music is too ___. Please turn it down.

A. loud

B. loudly

C. quiet

D. quietly

Alvin is very ………. . He always feeds stray cats.

A. kind

B. kindly

The firefighter ___ saved the people from the burning house.

A. brave

B. bravely

C. happy

D. happily

He tried ________ to solve the problem, but he didn’t manage to do it.

A. hard

B. hardly

C. harder

My classmate is a very ___ person.

A. nice

B. nicely

C. better

D. betterly

You can move around the office ________. Also, you can get some _________ coffee here.

A. free / free

B. freely / free

C. free / freely

Katie is an artist, so she can paint ___.

A. beautiful

B. beautifully

C. quick

D. quickly

The soup smells ___. Can I have some?

A. terribly

B. terrible

C. wonderfully

D. wonderful

Teacher looked at me ___ because I was late.

A. angry

B. angryly

C. angrily

I ___ walk to school, ___ go by bike.

A. never,never

B. seldom, seldom

C. sometimes, sometimes

D. always, always

I am a good student. I am ___ late for school.

A. always

B. usually

C. sometimes

D. never

The house was very _______. It had been snowing _______ all day yesterday.

A. quiet / heavy

B. quietly / heavily

C. quiet / heavily

I can speak English very ___.

A. goodly

B. greatly

C. well

D. welly

Jack lives _______ to his work. However, he was _______ for work every day last week.

A. near / lately

B. near / late

C. nearly / late


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