Going To Be and Will Quiz


It _________ grow a lot.

A. ‘ll

B. ‘s going to

I _________ going to buy a new jacket as a present.

A. am

B. is

C. are

They ___________ rob a bank.

A. ‘ll

B. ‘re going to

Saiful _________ (not go) to the school tomorrow.

A. isn’t going to go

B. aren’t going to go

You ______________ be a scientist, live on the moon and be very happy!

A. ‘re going to

B. ‘ll

They __________ (sell) them to big companies.

A. are going to sell

B. is going to sell

Zikry thinks he ___________ (make) lot of money!

A. are going to make

B. is going to make

He ____________ buy an ice cream for his girlfriend.

A. ‘s going to

B. ‘ll

Liya __________ (go) to the school tomorrow

A. is going to go

B. are going to go

Nisa and Nurina __________ (go) to school tomorrow.

A. is going to go

B. are going to go

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