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Ana : Hi, Bela.
Bela : Hello, Ana. Have you submitted your English task?
Ana : Oh, I really forget that ……
Bela : Don’t mention it, Bela.

A. I am so sorry

B. Thank you for reminding me

C. I love it

D. Nice to meet you

Which one is the expression of apologizing?

A. Please forgive me.

B. You save me.

C. Don’t mention it.

D. Sure. Anytime.

ALya : Can you help me with my English homework?
Desi : Of course.
Alya : Thanks a lot.
Desi : ……………

A. Here it is.

B. Don’t worry.

C. Don’t mention it.

D. I’m fine.

What is the purpose of the expression of apologizing?

A. to ask for apology

B. to ask for opinion

C. to ask for information

D. to ask for attention

Which expression belongs to the respond of apologizing?

A. Don’t be worried.

B. See you later.

C. I really appreciate it.

D. Thank you so much.

These are the expressions to respond apologizing, except….

A. Don’t worry about it.

B. I am glad to hear that.

C. That’s all right.

D. It doesn’t matter.

Arin: ……………………….. I’m late. I missed the bus.
Teacher: That’s okay. Don’t do that again next time. Sit down, please!

A. Thanks a lot.

B. I’m really sorry, Mom.

C. Good morning, Mom.

D. Good night.

Sinta : Risa, this is a present for you. I hope you like it.
Risa : Oh, this is so wonderful ……………….

A. I like very much

B. You are so kind

C. May I have it

D. Thank you very much

why does someone have to say sorry?

A. make others happy

B. looks sad

C. disturbs other

D. sees someone’s eyes

These are expressions of apologizing, except….

A. No, thank you.

B. Pardon me, please!

C. I am sorry for this incovenience.

D. Please forgive me.

Andi: I’m sorry I broke your rule
Ivan: ………………..

A. Really?

B. Never mind it.

C. Forgive me.

D. Thanks.

Ben : I’m sorry I didn’t do the homework. I really forgot.
Teacher: ………………

A. It’s OK. Just don’t do it again.

B. The homework is difficult.

C. I’m sorry.

D. You’re alright.

Indah: …….?
Beni : Yes. What can I do for you?

A. What can you do for me

B. Can I help you

C. Can you help me

D. Do I need a help

Hana : Can I borrow your pen?
Ani : Here it is
Hana : ………..

A. thank you

B. ok

C. sorry

D. hello

Udin : Lina, I am sorry I forgot to bring your English book.
Lina : Oh actually, I need it today. There is English lesson today. But, ….. You can return it this afternoon at my house.
Udin : Ok, thank you.

A. No problem

B. You’re welcome

C. I have to go now

D. I am happy you like it

Student : ………. I’m late
Teacher : Okay, but don’t come late anymore

A. I’m really sorry

B. thanks

C. hello

D. im fine

You forget to do your homework. What will you say to your teacher?

A. I’m so sorry for not doing my homework.

B. I’ll do it later.

C. That’s kind of you.

D. Thank you in advance.

Which one is the expression of responding apologize?

A. Are you okay?

B. Don’t worry about it.

C. Nice to meet you too.

D. You know me so well.

Tara : Can you come to my house tonight?
Bayu : ……………………..
Tara : No problem. I know you have a lot of work to do.

A. The house is close.

B. Come to my house.

C. I’m sorry. I’m busy.

D. Don’t mention it.


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