Adjectives Ed and Ing Quiz


Last night my girlfriend and I were watching The ________ Spider Man.
A. Amazing
B. Amazed

This book is very ____________.
A. bored
B. boring

I like my new chair. It’s quite….

A. relaxed

B. relaxing

The man is ____________ about the English grammar.
A. confused
B. confusing

You look ________. What happened?

A. Terrified

B. Terrifying

Laura has worked all day. She is ____________ now.
A. tired
B. tiring

My brother is the most _______ person in the world. I hate him. 
A. annoying
B. annoyed
C. annoy

I can’t believe I did that. How _________!
A. embarrass
B. embarrassing
C. embarrassed

Do you understand? You look _________. 
A. confused
B. confusing
C. confuse

My nephew was (amusing / amused) by the clown.

A. amusing

B. amused


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