Grammar Quiz

Adjectives (-ed / -ing) Quiz


It was a very special moment when they found each other. It brought tears to my eyes. I was ____________________.

A. amused

B. amazed

C. moved

D. interested

I don’t know what to do, I’m ___________________.

A. confused

B. confusing

C. disappointed

D. diasppointing

Thunderstorms make me …………

A. scaring

B. scared

C. amazing

D. amazed

I fell in front of all these people, I’ve never felt so ________________ in my life.

A. embarrassed

B. embarrassing

C. frightened

D. frightening

The special effects were unbelievably good! The film was _________________________.

A. amazing

B. amazed

C. amusing

D. amused

It made me laugh. I was ___________.

A. interesting

B. amused

C. bored

D. moved

That game is very ………….. I think I will stop.

A. tiring

B. tired

C. interesting

D. interested

The part about baby penguins attracted my attention. I couldn’t take my eyes off the cute little chicks! I was ___________________.

A. amazed

B. bored

C. surprised

D. interested

I fell asleep and missed the middle of the film. The film was ______________.

A. bored

B. boring

C. amazing

D. amazed

I’m going to Asia very soon. I have been waiting for that for a long time and I think it’s going to be ______________.

A. exciting

B. excited

C. disappointing

D. disappointed

I couldn’t believe the daughter was the thief! The film was ________________.

A. interesting

B. boring

C. touching

D. surprising

There was a lot of action in the film. I think the actions were cool. The film was ________________.

A. interesting

B. boring

C. exciting

D. disappointing

I am very _________ to know how that giraffe got up there!

A. interested

B. funny

C. interesting

D. curiosity

I was looking forward to the film but it wasn’t very good. The film was _______________________.

A. disappointing

B. disappointed

C. amusing

D. amused

My job is really ________________.

A. satisfying

B. satisfied

C. worrying

D. worried


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