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Adjective Suffixes Quiz


I didn’t enjoy running the marathon. It was more —– than I expected.

A. challenged

B. challenging

C. challengeful

We were —– when we saw that Rosalía was coming to Palafolls

A. thrilling

B. thrilled

C. thrill

it was care— of you to drop the phone in the toilet. Now, you have no mobile!

A. ful

B. less

it’s ——- to get a low mark after you’ve studied hard.

A. discouraging

B. discouraged

C. discourageful

I know that I can be ——— in what I like

A. successful

B. sucessfully

C. successless

D. unsuccessful

it was the most embarrass— moment of my life!

A. ed

B. ing

Watching series is a ——– way to learn English

A. useful

B. useless

C. using

D. used

People who live in the street and have no place to live are home—

A. ful

B. less

ah, English teachers… They are ——-! They always teach the same and poorly!

A. hopeful

B. hopeless

C. hoped

D. hoping

Alex’s jokes are not funny at all! I don’t find them ——-

A. amusing

B. amused

C. amus ement

I was embarrass— when I sent Alex the message by mistake

A. ed

B. ing

Ah, MotoGP is so wonder—-. I could be hours watching it.

A. ful

B. less

Having Alex around is ——– to ask questions

A. helpful

B. helpless

C. helping

D. helped

Be care—-! You need to pay attention or you are going to have an accident!

A. ful

B. less

I don’t know why you are —– of dogs. They are so cute!

A. terrifying

B. terrified

C. terrific


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