Grammar Quiz

Adverb of Manner Quiz


The leopard _______ towards the zebra.

A. crept silently

B. walking gracefully

C. shouted noisily

Mavin _______________ into his room in the middle of the night.

A. talked gently

B. tiptoed quietly

C. shouted loudly

The picture of the sky is ________ (beautiful) drawn on the canvas.

A. beautifully

B. very very beautifully

C. beautiful

We had _____ snow yesterday. It snowed ________.

A. heavy / heavily

B. heavily / heavy

Aleza sings ________ (sweet) on the stage.

A. sweetly

B. sweetily

C. sweetyly

We were one hour late, but he waited _______ (patient) until we arrived.

A. patiently

B. patient

C. patients

She drove the car _________ (careless).

A. carelessly

B. carelesslly

C. carelessily

The light bulb shines _______ (bright).

A. brighter

B. brightily

C. brightly

They aren’t __________. They are speaking _________

A. quiet / quietly

B. quietly / quiet

Chelsea had a headache, so she left the party _________.

A. kindly

B. lazily

C. early

Turtles walk _________________ because they are ___________ animals.

A. slow / slowly

B. slowly / slow

He won the race. He ran very ______ (fast).

A. fast

B. faster

C. fastly

Peter is a __________ driver. He drives very _______________.

A. careful / carefully

B. carefully / careful

Vince speaks English _________ (fluent) as his brother.

A. fluentness

B. fluently

C. fluent

Please, can you speak ______ (clear) ? I don’t understand you.

A. clearer

B. clear

C. clearly


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