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Antonym of Often

A. oven

B. Frequently

C. rare

D. Both B and C

Antonym of weak

A. heavy

B. strong

C. srong

D. wild

Antonym of Domestic

A. both A and B

B. wild

C. safe

D. none of these

Antonym of gentle

A. rare

B. often

C. release

D. cruel

Antonym of unsafe

A. dangerous

B. safe

C. All (A,B,D)

D. risky

E. A and B

Antonym of Ugly

A. gentle

B. pretty

C. beautiful

D. rare

Antonym of tiny

A. huge

B. quiet

C. big

D. large

Antonym of After

A. in the wake of

B. next

C. before

D. later

Antonym of noisy

A. weasels

B. rare

C. wild

D. none of these

Antonym of High

A. Low

B. strong

C. down

D. up


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