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You’re always tired in the morning. You should go to bed _____

A. earlier

B. more earlier

C. more early

It’s ________ decision I’ve ever made in years.

A. the most difficult

B. the best difficult

C. most difficult

John doesn’t speak English ___________ Peter.

A. as well

B. as better as

C. as well as

I’m sorry I’m late. I got here _________ as I could.

A. as fastly

B. so fast

C. as fast

This one is prettier, but it costs ________ as that one.

A. as much as

B. twice as much

C. twice as many

Your English is improving. It is getting ______

A. good

B. well

C. better

It’s ______ film I have ever watched.

A. best boring

B. the best boring

C. the most boring

She is the ______ daughter in the family.

A. older

B. oldest

C. eldest

My new glasses cost me ______ the last pair that I bought.

A. three times as much as

B. three times as many as

C. as much three times as

John is __________ of the boys.

A. taller than

B. the tallest

C. the most tall

The house overthere is _______ building in the city.

A. the oldest

B. the eldest

C. as old as


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