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Past Tense and Neutral Quiz


When Jenny removed the warm cake from the oven, she realised that she ___________ to add sugar.

A. forget

B. forgot

C. has forgotten

D. had forgotten

Vikkash started running towards the bus stop when he saw the bus _______ from afar.

A. approach

B. approached

C. approaching

D. approaches

Mdm Lim felt a spider ________ up her leg and jumped in horror.

A. crawls

B. was crawling

C. crawl

D. crawled

The boys helped Mrs Gopal ________ the books to her table.

A. carrying

B. carry

C. carries

D. carried

Alex saw the lost toddler __________ sadly while concerned passers-by were trying to comfort her.

A. sob

B. sobbing

C. has sobbed

D. had sobbed

Mr Lim listened to Aimei _________ her problems with him and gave her some advice.

A. share

B. shares

C. shared

D. was sharing

Suddenly, Faris heard Siti _______ for help in the kitchen.

A. cries

B. cried

C. crying

D. is crying

When I was at the shopping centre yesterday, I saw the police _________ after a shoplifter.

A. chased

B. chasing

C. was chasing

D. had been chasing

Emma said that she ________ cycling to school for many years before she started taking public transport.

A. is

B. has been

C. had been

D. have been

Jerry heard Mother ________ that she was going to see the doctor.

A. mention

B. mentions

C. mentioned

D. had mentioned

Three-quarters of the cake ________ by John last night.

A. is eaten

B. are eaten

C. was eaten

D. were eaten

John was working on his assignment when he saw his friend _________ over a brick on the floor.

A. trips

B. tripped

C. tripping

D. trip

Matthew helped his Mother _________ an errand before he went to school.

A. run

B. ran

C. runs

D. running

Many residents fled their homes when the volcano _________ to erupt.

A. threatened

B. is threatening

C. has threatened

D. would be threatening

If I were you, I __________ to the wise old man’s advice.

A. will listen

B. would listen

C. will be listening

D. would have listened


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