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Past Tense and Neutral Quiz


John was working on his assignment when he saw his friend _________ over a brick on the floor.

A. trips

B. tripped

C. tripping

D. trip

If I were you, I __________ to the wise old man’s advice.

A. will listen

B. would listen

C. will be listening

D. would have listened

Three-quarters of the cake ________ by John last night.

A. is eaten

B. are eaten

C. was eaten

D. were eaten

Mr Lim listened to Aimei _________ her problems with him and gave her some advice.

A. share

B. shares

C. shared

D. was sharing

When Jenny removed the warm cake from the oven, she realised that she ___________ to add sugar.

A. forget

B. forgot

C. has forgotten

D. had forgotten

Emma said that she ________ cycling to school for many years before she started taking public transport.

A. is

B. has been

C. had been

D. have been

Matthew helped his Mother _________ an errand before he went to school.

A. run

B. ran

C. runs

D. running

Suddenly, Faris heard Siti _______ for help in the kitchen.

A. cries

B. cried

C. crying

D. is crying

Mdm Lim felt a spider ________ up her leg and jumped in horror.

A. crawls

B. was crawling

C. crawl

D. crawled

The boys helped Mrs Gopal ________ the books to her table.

A. carrying

B. carry

C. carries

D. carried

Alex saw the lost toddler __________ sadly while concerned passers-by were trying to comfort her.

A. sob

B. sobbing

C. has sobbed

D. had sobbed

Vikkash started running towards the bus stop when he saw the bus _______ from afar.

A. approach

B. approached

C. approaching

D. approaches

Jerry heard Mother ________ that she was going to see the doctor.

A. mention

B. mentions

C. mentioned

D. had mentioned

Many residents fled their homes when the volcano _________ to erupt.

A. threatened

B. is threatening

C. has threatened

D. would be threatening

When I was at the shopping centre yesterday, I saw the police _________ after a shoplifter.

A. chased

B. chasing

C. was chasing

D. had been chasing


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