Grammar Quiz

Auxiliary Verbs Quiz


The house __________ being destroyed

A. are

B. will

C. is

D. have to

I don’t know whether to apply for the job or not. Do you think I ___________?

A. do

B. should

C. am

D. must

You haven’t finished the homework, __________ you?

A. did

B. have

C. do

D. haven’t

Complete each sentence with an auxiliary verb.

I like hot weather, but Ann ________________.

A. is

B. not

C. doesn’t

D. don’t

If you work hard, you _________ pass the final exam.

A. –

B. ought to

C. couldn’t

D. will

The washing machine __________ broken down.

A. be

B. has

C. will

D. should

How many auxiliary verbs can you find?

“I have just heard that you didn’t attend the meeting yesterday. The boss had been complaining. I must ask that you explain the reason”

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Let’s start now, _________ we?

A. shall

B. will

C. are

D. do


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