Conditional Sentence Quiz


Let’s clean our house. If you … the floor, I … the dishes with Mom.

A. sweep — washed

B. will sweep — wash

C. swept — will wash

D. would sweep — swept

E. sweep — will wash

If Alice had more money, she __________ to Africa.
A. went
B. goes
C. would go
D. will go

If the cat hides in the tree, the dog _________________ it.

A. would find

B. find

C. won’t find

D. had found

The dog ….. you if it hadn´t been tied up.

A. would bite

B. will bite

C. would have bitten

D. bites

She wouldn’t have had two laptops if she ……. one to her friend.

A. didn’t lend

B. hadn’t lent

C. doesn’t lend

D. wasn’t lent

If I come, I …… you.

A. saw

B. would see

C. will see

D. sees

We ……………… out in the garden if it hadn’t been so cold.

A. would had sat

B. would sit

C. had sit

D. would have sat

If you _____ so long to do the shopping, dinner would have been ready by now.

A. wouldn’t have taken

B. wouldn’t take

C. hadn’t taken

D. haven’t taken

E. will take

If they ______________ carefully, they will hear the woodpecker

A. listened

B. listen

C. will listen

D. would listen

If the sun __________, we will go swimming.
A. shined
B. shines
C. would shine
D. will shine


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