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Conditional Sentence Quiz


If Alice had more money, she __________ to Africa.
A. went
B. goes
C. would go
D. will go

You would have slept much better, if you_______your medicine

A. will take

B. took

C. had taken

D. would take

If she had had more time, she ___ the task

A. would finish

B. would have finished

C. had finish

D. finished

The house in ___ he lives is quite old

A. which

B. that

C. where

D. who

what do we need for the zero conditional?

A. if + present simple & will/can/may/must + verb

B. if + present simple & present simple

C. if + past tense + were & would

D. present simple + if simple future

If the patient doesn’t feel better tomorrow, he’ll have an operation.

A. Unless the patient feels better tomorrow, he won’t have an operation.

B. Unless the patient feels better tomorrow, he will have an operation.

C. Unless the patient feels better tomorrow, he has an operation.

D. Unless the patient feels better tomorrow, he is going to have an operation.

My mother _______ me a new computer if she has enough money.

A. will buy

B. would buy

C. buys

I wouldn’t tell her if I ……….. you.

She can’t keep a secret.
A. will be

B. were

C. am

D. had been

If you just approach the job with the right attitude, things ________well.

A. would have turned out

B. will turn out

C. would turn out

D. turns out

If you … faster you will not be late.

What is the best verb to complete the sentence?
A. run

B. runs

C. ran

D. will run

E. is ran

If I ______ closer to the cinema, I would go more often.

A. live

B. living

C. will live

D. lives

Ngoc would work as a model if she _______ taller.

A. is

B. were

C. was

The children would eat their vegetables if they ______ better.

A. taste

B. will taste

C. tastes

D. tasted

If she (to earn) ____ a lot of money, she (to fly) ____ to New York.

A. earns, fly

B. earns, flies

C. earn, will fly

D. earns. will fly

If you ……. a lighter jacket, the car driver would have seen you earlier

A. wearing

B. had worn

C. wore

D. wear

My mom always wanted to go to Europe since she was a little kid, but sadly she couldn’t because she didn’t have enough money. She told me she (travel)___to Europe if she (have)___enough money. ( T.2 )

A. would travel, had

B. travelled, would have

C. travelled, would had

D. travelled , had

If he (to have) ____ a temperature, he (to see) ____ the doctor.

A. have ,see

B. has, sees

C. has, will see

D. have, sees

If you _______ all your homework last night, you could play games right now.

A. had done

B. did

C. would have done

the weather is very cold. I wish it ___ warmer

A. is

B. would be

C. were

D. had been

Come and work for my company if you _____ better to do.

A. have nothing

B. will have nothing

C. had something

D. had nothing

They would have telephoned us if they _____ lost.

A. would get

B. had got

C. would have got

D. would be got

My sister could score better on the test if the teacher ……. the grammar once more.

A. explain

B. explained

C. explains

D. was explain

Unless you ask the teacher, you _______ know the answer.

A. won’t

B. will

C. can

If she (get) money from her father, she (buy) a new bag. ( type 1 )

A. If she get money from her father, she will buy a new bag.

B. If she gets money from her father, she will buy a new bag.

C. If she get money from his father, she will buy a new bag.

D. If she gets money from his father, she will buy a new bag.

She wouldn’t have had two laptops if she ……. one to her friend.

A. didn’t lend

B. hadn’t lent

C. doesn’t lend

D. wasn’t lent


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