Grammar Quiz

Conditional Sentence Quiz


I wouldn’t tell her if I ……….. you.

She can’t keep a secret.
A. will be

B. were

C. am

D. had been

If Lisa __________ earlier, she would not have been late for work.
A. got up
B. would get up
C. gets up
D. had got up

We ______________ John if we’d known about his problems.

A. would help

B. would have helped

C. will help

D. had helped

Let’s clean our house. If you … the floor, I … the dishes with Mom.

A. sweep — washed

B. will sweep — wash

C. swept — will wash

D. would sweep — swept

E. sweep — will wash

They would have telephoned us if they _____ lost.

A. would get

B. had got

C. would have got

D. would be got

You _____ the job if you were not late to the interview.

A. would get

B. would be gotten

C. would have gotten

D. would have been gotten

E. had gotten

Don’t worry! If you … out of the tree, I … you!

A. felt — will catch

B. will fall — catch

C. fall — will catch

D. would fall — caught

E. had felt — would catch

She …… pleased if you came.

A. would be

B. would heve been

C. would has been

D. was

We …….. TV tonight if Peter hadn’t bought the theatre tickets

A. watch

B. will watch

C. would watch

D. would have watched

If you _____ so long to do the shopping, dinner would have been ready by now.

A. wouldn’t have taken

B. wouldn’t take

C. hadn’t taken

D. haven’t taken

E. will take

If we had read the book, we …… the film

A. understand

B. will understand

C. would undestand

D. would have understood

If you ______________ the young boy this stick, he would hurt himself.

A. gives

B. gave

C. give

D. had given

You will catch the train if you …… earlier

A. left

B. leaves

C. leave

D. would leave

You would have slept much better, if you_______your medicine

A. will take

B. took

C. had taken

D. would take

If I had had enough money, I …. that radio.

A. bought

B. would buy

C. would have bought

D. had bought

Daniel __________ home on time if the bus had come.
A. had been
B. was
C. would have been
D. would be

If we arrived at 10, we ______________Tyler’s presentation.

A. attend

B. would have attended

C. will attend

D. would attend

If he …… thirsty, he would have drunk some water.

A. was

B. had been

C. is

D. would drink

If I come, I …… you.

A. saw

B. would see

C. will see

D. sees

They will fly to Canberra if they __________ more money.
A. had had
B. will have
C. have
D. had

Paul would be a good artist if he ………. more patience

A. had

B. has

C. will have

D. have

If the cat hides in the tree, the dog _________________ it.

A. would find

B. find

C. won’t find

D. had found

The dog ….. you if it hadn´t been tied up.

A. would bite

B. will bite

C. would have bitten

D. bites

If Alice had more money, she __________ to Africa.
A. went
B. goes
C. would go
D. will go

If you ……. a lighter jacket, the car driver would have seen you earlier

A. wearing

B. had worn

C. wore

D. wear


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