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Conditional Sentences Quiz


If I were a little taller, I _____ be able to water the plant on the top shelf

A. did

B. would

C. had

D. would have

_______ I had brought my laptop to the meeting yesterday

A. If

B. If only

C. Even if

D. As if

She says if she _____ that the traffic lights were red she _____.

A. had realized / would stop

B. realized / could have stopped

C. has realized / stopped

D. had realized / would have stopped

We’ll need more staff _______ we start the new project.

A. unless

B. whether

C. in case

D. or

If I had known you were in hospital, I …………to see you.

A. will go

B. would go

C. went

D. would have gone.

________, he would have been able to pass the exam.

A. If he had been studied more

B. Had he studied more

C. If he studied more

D. If he studies more

_______an emergency arise, call 911.

A. Should

B. If

C. Will

D. Were

_______ if a war happened?

A. What you would do

B. What would you do

C. What will you do

D. What will you do

You would learn more if you (study) sometimes

A. study

B. studied

C. had studied

If Frank’s parents__________ (have) their holidays in summer, they __________ (go) to the seaside.

A. have/will go

B. has/go

C. will have/will go

D. have/won’t

If the tree hadn’t been so high, he _____ it up to take his kite down.

A. could have climbed

B. climb

C. is climbing

D. climbed

Choose the sentence which has the same meaning, using conditional sentence:

“I have to work tomorrow , so I can’t meet you. ”

A. If I don’t have to work tomorrow , I can meet you.

B. If I didn’t have to work tomorrow, I could meet you.

C. I could meet you if I don’t have to work tomorrow.

D. I can meet you if I didn’t have to work tomorrow.

If Daniel … any money, he spends it.

A. has

B. will have

C. would have

D. would have had

If he washed his feet more often, his friend____________him more often.

A. visits

B. would visit

C. will visit

D. would have visited

Which of the following is not the use of Conditional Sentence type 2?

A. For unreal or imaginary situations which are unlikely to happen in the present or the future

B. For giving advice

C. For expressing possibilities in the future

I _____________ very happy if there _____________ a good film on channel 9 last night.

A. would be / had been

B. would have been / would be

C. would have been / had been

D. had been / had been

If you _______ to my advice, you _______ in trouble now

A. listened / were not

B. listen / are not

C. had listened / would not have been

D. had listened / would not be

She ______ in my company now if she hadn’t refused my boss’s offer.

A. would work

B. will be working

C. had worked

D. would have worked

“Did he study yesterday?” “No, but if he _______, he would have done better on today’s test.”

A. had

B. has

C. will study

D. had studied

If someone…………in here with a gun, I would be very frightened.

A. would walk

B. walks

C. had walked

D. walked.

_____ it not been for the heavy rain, we would have gone camping.

A. If

B. Had

C. Should

D. Unless

If we had left the house earlier, they……………….(be; negative) so late getting to the ship.

A. would had

B. would have

C. would have been

D. would not have been

The bench would collapse if they______ on it.

A. stood

B. stand

C. standing

D. stands

If he hadn’t wasted too much time , he ____________ in his examination.

A. would fail

B. wouldn’t fail

C. wouldn’t have failed

D. won’t fail

_______ here, he would help us with these troubles.

A. Were Peter

B. If were Peter

C. Unless were Peter

D. Unless Peter were


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