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Conditional Sentences Quiz


If you ______ that plane yesterday, you ________ dead now.

A. had caught – would be

B. caught – would have been

C. caught – would be

If I travel to Hanoi, I (pay) my friends a visit.

A. will pay

B. would pay

C. would have paid

Gloria never seems to get tired. I sure I wish _____ her energy

A. would have

B. have

C. have had

D. had

If Daniel … any money, he spends it.

A. has

B. will have

C. would have

D. would have had

If you feel sick, you ______ to the doctor.

A. went

B. will go

C. go

D. would go

They wouldn’t survive if they __________ enough water.

A. had

B. didn’t have

C. wouldn’t have

D. don’t have

The video tapes were so realistic that it was as though we _____ there, driving through the country

A. were

B. have been

C. are

D. will be

“Did he study yesterday?” “No, but if he _______, he would have done better on today’s test.”

A. had

B. has

C. will study

D. had studied

I would have driven you to the party if you … me.

A. asked

B. have asked

C. had asked

D. would ask

I will need to buy some gas if the tank _______ empty.

A. would have been

B. was

C. were 

D. is

When the sun goes down, it gets dark.

A. Zero Conditional

B. First Conditional

C. Second Conditional

_______ more carefully, he would not have had the accident yesterday

A. If Peter driven

B. If had Peter driven

C. Had Peter driven

D. Unless Peter had driven

If I had had enough money, I ___________ that car.

A. would buy

B. would have bought

C. have bought

D. wouldn’t have bought

_____ it not been for the heavy rain, we would have gone camping.

A. If

B. Had

C. Should

D. Unless

If I could find Rob’s phone number, I _____ him about the change in plans

A. called

B. had called

C. could call

D. will call

When do we use zero conditional sentence? We use it …

A. to talk about the future

B. when the condition is SOMETIMES true when something happens

C. to talk about the past

D. for situations or facts that are GENERALLY/ALWAYS TRUE

if ____________ on holiday with your parents, it’ll be fun

A. you go

B. you will go

We use Conditional Sentences … to refer to a possible situation and its probable result.

A. Type 0

B. Type 1

C. Type 2

D. Type 3

If you ________ your ice cream in the fridge, it ________.

A. will put / will melt

B. won’t put / melts

C. put / will melt

D. don’t put / melts

If I _____, I would express my feelings.

A. were asked

B. would ask

C. had been asked

D. asked

If I fail the test, I ________ university.

A. will finish

B. wouldn’t finish

C. finish

D. won’t finish

They _______ to the theater by car if the weather had been better.

A. won’t go

B. will go

C. wouldn’t have gone

D. would go

If she _______ more effort, she would have succeeded.

A. put

B. puts

C. will put

If I had time, I  …………………….  shopping with you.

A. went

B. will go

C. would go

D. would have gone

If I ……………….to the beach yesterday, I would be tired today.

A. Have gone

B. goes

C. had gone

D. A & B


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