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Conditional Sentences Quiz


If the city ____(have) more green space, the air quality wouldn’t be so bad.

A. has

B. had

C. has had

D. would have

If I ____(be) you, I would spend more time on English.

A. am

B. are

C. was

D. were

If your parents see good results, they ____(be) pleased.

A. are

B. will be

C. would be

D. have been

If we ______ children the importance of the environment, they _________ more aware of saving energy.

A. teach – will become

B. teaches – will become

C. teach – become

D. teach – would become

If you _____ a superhero, what _______you do?

A. was – would

B. were – would

C. are – will

D. are – would

Water … if you heat it up to 100ºC

A. boils

B. boiling

C. boiles

D. will boil

Which is correct?

A. She comes if you invite her.

B. She come if you invite her.

C. She would come if you invite her.

D. She will come if you invite her.

I will give my friends a helping hand if they ____(need) help.

A. need

B. needs

C. needed

D. will need

He ____ if he rode more carefully.

A. fell

B. will fell

C. would fall

D. wouldn’t fall

If you ________ to save water more, I’ll give you more pocket money.

A. promise

B. promised

C. have promised

D. will promised

Pam ___ with me again if I forget her birthday.

A. speaks

B. doesn’t speak

C. won’t speak

D. will speak

If you ….. a word, you look it up in a dictionary.

A. know

B. doesn’t know

C. don’t know

D. wouldn’t know

They wouldn’t survive if they __________ enough water.

A. had

B. didn’t have

C. wouldn’t have

D. don’t have

The egg ____(break) if you drop it on the floor.

A. break

B. breaks

C. will break

D. would break

If Kate __________ late we won’t wait for her.

A. is

B. will be

C. were

D. was

If Mr Chung were in the meeting, he ____(listen) to the opinions of the students.

A. listens

B. listened

C. would listen

D. would have listened

You will be over weight if you _____ like that every meal.

A. eat

B. will eat

C. ate

D. are eating

If you ____(mix) yellow and blue, you get green.

A. mix

B. mixed

C. will mix

D. would mix

If you ________ your ice cream in the fridge, it ________.

A. will put / will melt

B. won’t put / melts

C. put / will melt

D. don’t put / melts

Unless you _____ hard, you won’t pass the exam.

A. study

B. don’t study

C. didn’t study

D. studied


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