Grammar Quiz

Gerund Quiz


Afgan enjoys ________ a bath in the evening

A. has

B. have

C. having

D. had

My aunt will ________ married this afternoon

A. get

B. got

C. gets

D. getting

He began by ___ the meeting of certain words.

A. explaining

B. explained

C. explain

D. to explain

My mother ________ to my house, last night

A. come

B. coming

C. came

D. comes

The floor ___ by Helen looked very clean.

A. washed

B. washing

C. wash

D. washes

While ___ the noise outside, the baby woke up.

A. To hearing

B. Hearing

C. Heard

D. Hears

Is ” He had made millions of dollars by playing football” a Gerund



My new favorite pastime is watching Netflix after dinner on weekends.

A. yes

B. no

Agus will ________ the biggest fried chicken in the town

A. eat

B. eating

C. ate

D. eats

___ essays, the playwright always smokes a pipe.

A. Having written

B. Writing

C. Written

D. Being written

She is good at ________

A. Dancing

B. Dance

C. Danced

D. Dances

Do you mind ________ me a hand?

A. giving

B. gives

C. gave

D. give

Caroline loves reading about history, she hopes to visit some sites she read about. What is the gerund?

A. loves

B. read

C. history

D. reading

Radit hates ________ his ex to his birthday party

A. inviting

B. invite

C. invites

D. invited

He was excited about ___ a world famous singer.

A. to meeting

B. meeting

C. meet

D. met

The wall ___ the house is very high.

A. surrounded

B. surrounding

C. to surrounding

D. surrounds

What is a Verbal?

A. Words in sentence formed using verbs but do not function as verbs.

B. Word in sentence formed using verbs that function as a verb.

C. An action word used to describe something

D. is added to the beginning or end of a sentence.

He is crazy about ________

A. Sing

B. Sings

C. Sang

D. Singing

___ is her life.

A. Danced

B. To danced

C. Dancing

D. To dancing

He had the report ___ .

A. write

B. wrote

C. written

D. had written

I’d like to go on ___ back in time and change my answers.

A. to travel

B. travelling

C. travel

D. travelled

Ardi is going to ________ football this morning

A. playing

B. plays

C. played

D. play

I’ll show you animals ___ by my brother.

A. drawing

B. having drawn

C. drawn

D. being drawn

I don’t fancy ________ out tonight

A. go

B. went

C. gone

D. going

….. control of his car on an icy road, the driver hit a tree.

A. Losing

B. Lost

C. To losing

D. To lose


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