Grammar Quiz

Gerund Quiz


This job includes …… reports.

A. to type

B. typing

I like New York, but I wouldn’t like ____________ there.

A. to live

B. live

C. living

I’d like ……….you but I’m busy

A. helping

B. to help

I am going to ________ my uncle in the hospital

A. visits

B. visiting

C. visit

D. visited

It was very dangerous. We couldn’t risk _______her alone.

A. leave

B. leaving

C. to leave

D. left

I don’t like ________ cards

A. play

B. played

C. plays

D. playing

He agreed _______ a new car.

A. buy

B. buying

C. to buy

D. bought

Nadia kept ________ during the film

A. talking

B. talks

C. talked

D. talk

We love ________ after midnight every night

A. sleep

B. slept

C. sleeping

D. sleeps

He is crazy about ________

A. Sing

B. Sings

C. Sang

D. Singing

She is good at ________

A. Dancing

B. Dance

C. Danced

D. Dances

Mom, i remember…………….the lights last night. this is not my fault.

A. to turn off

B. turning off

Do you mind ___ me translate the letter?

A. help

B. helping

C. to helping

D. helped

Do you mind ________ me with this task?

A. to help

B. help

C. helping

Is ” He had made millions of dollars by playing football” a Gerund



Caroline loves reading about history, she hopes to visit some sites she read about. What is the gerund?

A. loves

B. read

C. history

D. reading

I love swimming in the ocean.

A. yes- gerund phrase

B. no

This morning, i spent 30 minutes….. this document.

A. to check

B. checking

I enjoy _________ tennis every day.

A. to play

B. play

C. playing

I am ___ my house decorated at the moment.

A. have

B. having

C. had

D. has

Have you finished … the kitchen?

A. to clean

B. clean

C. cleaning

D. to cleaning

I promise….. you tomorrow

A. helped

B. helping

C. help

D. to help

He denies …. meetings.

A. to hate

B. hating

Do you mind ________ me a hand?

A. giving

B. gives

C. gave

D. give

Sam dreams of ________ of popstar

A. be

B. being

C. been

D. was


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