Grammar Quiz

Gerund Quiz


Ardi is going to ________ football this morning

A. playing

B. plays

C. played

D. play

I am going to ________ my uncle in the hospital

A. visits

B. visiting

C. visit

D. visited

Tomorrow, we will ________ a lunch together

A. had

B. has

C. have

D. having

Afgan enjoys ________ a bath in the evening

A. has

B. have

C. having

D. had

Agus will ________ the biggest fried chicken in the town

A. eat

B. eating

C. ate

D. eats

Do you mind ________ me a hand?

A. giving

B. gives

C. gave

D. give

I don’t fancy ________ out tonight

A. go

B. went

C. gone

D. going

I don’t like ________ cards

A. play

B. played

C. plays

D. playing

They are afraid of ________ in the sea

A. swim

B. swims

C. swam

D. swimming

His father ________ beutifully

A. sings

B. sing

C. song

D. sang

_________ someone is not easy

A. love

B. loving

C. loved

D. loves

Gio ________ during the film

A. sleeping

B. sleeps

C. slept

D. sleep

Nadia kept ________ during the film

A. talking

B. talks

C. talked

D. talk

My mother ________ to my house, last night

A. come

B. coming

C. came

D. comes

Sam dreams of ________ of popstar

A. be

B. being

C. been

D. was

My aunt will ________ married this afternoon

A. get

B. got

C. gets

D. getting

We love ________ after midnight every night

A. sleep

B. slept

C. sleeping

D. sleeps

I will ________ English tonight

A. Studying

B. Studies

C. Study

D. Studied

She avoided ________ out tonight

A. telling

B. told

C. telt

D. tells

________ is a good and cheap exercise

A. run

B. running

C. runned

D. ran

Radit hates ________ his ex to his birthday party

A. inviting

B. invite

C. invites

D. invited

She is good at ________

A. Dancing

B. Dance

C. Danced

D. Dances

Yesterday, I ________ a movie with my friends

A. watch

B. watching

C. watched

D. watches

she ________ eating just 5 minutes ago

A. start

B. started

C. starting

D. starts

He is crazy about ________

A. Sing

B. Sings

C. Sang

D. Singing


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