Grammar Quiz

Causative Verb Quiz


Batuk will make his son …………his assignments.

A. complete

B. will complete

C. completing

D. to complete

She … her daughter put the cherries on the cake.

A. Got

B. Made

C. Had

D. Let

The director got the actor…the role. (play)

A. to play

B. to play

C. play

D. played

Ali never gets his homework……………….. (check)

A. to check

B. checked

C. check

I sometimes need help to have my homework ___________________.

A. finish

B. finishing

C. finished

The teacher … the students work quietly in the class.

A. Got

B. Made

C. Had

D. Let

I got Anju…. this book.

A. type

B. to type

C. typed

The engineer got the workers….. the bridge.

A. construct

B. to construct

C. constructed

Suman is going to have the cobber …… his shoes.

A. mend

B. to mend

C. mended

I want to have someone __________ my cat for me. She doesn’t like baths.

A. washing

B. wash

C. to wash

This evening, I’m having my dinner_______ by John.

A. cook

B. cooked

C. cooking

Suman ………….his clothes washed

A. have

B. makes

C. will get

D. lets

Why don’t you get a handyman to ______ the walls for you?

A. painted

B. paint

C. painting

My wife made me ….. expensive jewellery for her.

A. buy

B. to buy

C. bought

Who made you………..such funny things? (do)

A. do

B. to do

C. did

D. done

My parents ….. me to decide what to do in the future.

A. Help

B. Helps

C. Helping

D. Has helped

Tishra is getting her daughter ……….a cup of tea.

A. will make

B. make

C. making

D. to make

Yesterday, I _________ my mother to do the ironing for me. I was too tired!

A. get

B. got

C. getting

I will have my nails _____________ by the manicurist.

A. do

B. doing

C. done

D. did

Dina …….. wait for her in front of bookstore for three hours.

A. Makes me

B. Make me

C. Making me

D. Made me

My father made me …… my homework.

A. write

B. to write

C. written


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