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Comparatives and Past Perfect Tense Quiz


I think books are ______________ films 

A. the most interesting 

B. more interesting than 

C. interesting as 

D. most interesting than

I was sure that I ___________ her before.

A. had saw

B. seen

C. had seen

I was sure that I ___________ the place before

A. had saw

B. seen

C. have seen

D. had seen

What is_______  month of the year in England?

A. the wetest

B. the wettest

C. the most wetest

D. the wetiest

The new Iphone can be just as ____________ a new computer these days.

A. more expensive than

B. expensiver as

C. expensive as

What is the correct past perfect form of “I do the laundry”?

A. I have done the laundry.

B. I did the laundry.

C. I had did the laundry.

D. I had done the laundry.

My house is a bit___ than a hotel.

A. more comfortable

B. comfortable

C. comfortabler

D. comfortablest

The storm destroyed the sandcastle that we ______ .

A. had built

B. had not been

C. had already done

D. had put on

I needed to know what ______________ to my dog.

A. has happened

B. had happened

C. happened

The weather is ……….. today than yesterday.

A. More beautiful

B. Most beautiful

C. Beautiful

The film ________________ by the time we got to the cinema.

A. had start

B. had started

C. has started

That is the …….. spelling word we have been assigned this week.

A. More difficult

B. Difficult

C. Most difficult

English is _______ to learn as French 

A. as easy

B. as easier 

C. easier than 

D. easiest as 

What is the correct past perfect form of “It is hot”?

A. It had been hot.

B. It had be hot.

C. It was hot.

D. It had hot.

Maria is ……… than Jan right now.

A. Happiest

B. Happier

C. Happy

D. Hapier


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