Grammar Quiz

Future Perfect vs Future Continuous Quiz


Next year, I _______ (study) maths at university.

A. ‘ll be studying

B. ‘ll have retired

Julie _______ (not work) this time next week. She’ll be on holiday!

A. won’t be working

B. won’t have worked

We are visiting a new city every week. By the end of the summer, we _______ (study) all the most important cities in Europe.

A. will have studied

B. will be studying

There won’t be anyone in the office. Everyone _______ (go) home

A. will be going

B. will have gone

Please, come at 8. By that time, I ______ (finish) my homework and we can go out.

A. will have finished

B. will be finishing

Don’t phone me before 8 o’clock, we _______ (have) dinner.

A. ‘ll have had

B. ‘ll be having

We _______ (move) into our new house soon. I’m so excited.

A. ‘ll be moving

B. ‘ll have moved

(you / retire) by the time you’re 60?

A. Will you have retired

B. Will you be retiring

When we arrive in Los Angeles we’ll need to rest, because we _______ (drive) about 800 miles.

A. will be driving

B. will have driven

Hurry up! The film _______ (start) soon.

A. will have started

B. will be starting

We _______ (leave) on the first train next Monday.

A. will be leaving

B. will have left

(you / use) the car at the weekend?

A. Wll you have used

B. Will you be using

Do you think that Lucas _______ (fix) the car by tomorrow?

A. will have fixed

B. will be fixing

When you get off the train, we _______ (wait) for you on the platform.

A. will be waiting

B. will have waited

In less than 2 years, my grandparents _______ (marry) for 50 years. We are going to celebrate it.

A. will be getting married

B. will have been married

By the time you arrive I _______ (cook) something spectacular and dinner will be on the table waiting for you.

A. will be cooking

B. will have cooked

By the time we get to Chicago this evening, we _____ (drive) more than four hundred miles. We are going to be exhausted.

A. will have driven

B. will be driving

I’m sure when you call him, he _______ (watch) TV. He’s always in front of the TV!

A. will be watching

B. wil lhave watched

I’m only halfway through my homework. I _______ (not finish) it before the teacher

A. won’t be finishing

B. won’t have finished

When I travel to England next year I ________ (study) English for over four years, so I think I’ll be ready.

A. will be studying

B. will have studied


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