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Future Perfect vs Future Continuous Quiz


I’m sure when you call him, he _______ (watch) TV. He’s always in front of the TV!

A. will be watching

B. wil lhave watched

We _______ (leave) on the first train next Monday.

A. will be leaving

B. will have left

Julie _______ (not work) this time next week. She’ll be on holiday!

A. won’t be working

B. won’t have worked

I’m only halfway through my homework. I _______ (not finish) it before the teacher

A. won’t be finishing

B. won’t have finished

Hurry up! The film _______ (start) soon.

A. will have started

B. will be starting

In less than 2 years, my grandparents _______ (marry) for 50 years. We are going to celebrate it.

A. will be getting married

B. will have been married

Don’t phone me before 8 o’clock, we _______ (have) dinner.

A. ‘ll have had

B. ‘ll be having

We _______ (move) into our new house soon. I’m so excited.

A. ‘ll be moving

B. ‘ll have moved

Do you think that Lucas _______ (fix) the car by tomorrow?

A. will have fixed

B. will be fixing

(you / use) the car at the weekend?

A. Wll you have used

B. Will you be using

By the time you arrive I _______ (cook) something spectacular and dinner will be on the table waiting for you.

A. will be cooking

B. will have cooked

(you / retire) by the time you’re 60?

A. Will you have retired

B. Will you be retiring

When I travel to England next year I ________ (study) English for over four years, so I think I’ll be ready.

A. will be studying

B. will have studied

When you get off the train, we _______ (wait) for you on the platform.

A. will be waiting

B. will have waited

There won’t be anyone in the office. Everyone _______ (go) home

A. will be going

B. will have gone

Please, come at 8. By that time, I ______ (finish) my homework and we can go out.

A. will have finished

B. will be finishing

By the time we get to Chicago this evening, we _____ (drive) more than four hundred miles. We are going to be exhausted.

A. will have driven

B. will be driving

We are visiting a new city every week. By the end of the summer, we _______ (study) all the most important cities in Europe.

A. will have studied

B. will be studying

Next year, I _______ (study) maths at university.

A. ‘ll be studying

B. ‘ll have retired

When we arrive in Los Angeles we’ll need to rest, because we _______ (drive) about 800 miles.

A. will be driving

B. will have driven


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