Grammar Quiz

Comparison Quiz


What is the superlative form of “bad”?

A. the worst

B. worse

C. badest

D. baddest

This pagoda is ___________ than the palace.

A. most historic

B. more historic

C. the historic

D. historicer

She is ……. student in my class.

A. most hard-working

B. more hard-working

C. the most hard-working

D. as hard-working

The cheetah is ____________ animal in the world. (fast)

A. the fastest

B. fastest

C. faster

D. the faster

My cars is ____ than yours.

A. clean

B. cleaner

C. more clean

D. cleanner

The harder he plays, _______ he becomes.

A. more successful

B. most successful

C. the more successful

D. the most successful

Of all the boys I’ve meet, this one is the ____________

A. nicest

B. best

C. nicer

D. worse

John is ………….. stronger than I thought.

A. much

B. more

C. as

D. the same

The life in the village is ______ than the life in the city.

A. more quiet

B. quiter

C. quieter

D. quitest

Her house is _________than mine.

A. big

B. bigger

C. biger

D. biggest

She sings ……….. among the singers I have known.

A. the most beautiful

B. the more beautiful

C. the most beautifully

D. the more beautifully

She runs …… in my class.

A. the slowest

B. the most slow

C. the slowly

D. the most slowly

Could you show me the way ___________ the temple?

A. in

B. to

C. of

D. at

Some students are more ____________ than others.

A. cleverer

B. slower

C. successful

D. braver

I prefer ____________ in my neighborhood than the others.

A. living

B. to live

C. live

D. lived

My town is _______________ this city.

A. peaceful than

B. more peaceful

C. more peaceful than

D. peacefuller than

This road has the ________ length as that one.

A. same

B. as

C. like

D. more

I hope the get the same grade _________ yours.

A. as

B. than

C. more

In my opinion, what is the ______ TV show?

A. good

B. funnier

C. funniest

D. better

I’m ______ tall as my brother.

A. as

B. than

C. like

D. more

I have bought a ______________dress

A. nice long white silk

B. nice white long silk

C. long nice white silk

D. white long nice silk

John speaks English better than I do.

A. I speak English better tahn he does.

B. I can’r speak English as well as John.

C. I can’t speak English as good as John can.

D. I speak English as well as John.

A new house is ………. than an old one.

A. as expensive

B. the most expensive

C. expensive

D. more expensive

He did the test ……….. I did.

A. as bad as

B. badder than

C. more badly than

D. worse than

A boat is ……. than a plane.

A. slower

B. slowest

C. more slow

D. more slower


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