Grammar Quiz

Comparison Quiz


I’m ______ tall as my brother.

A. as

B. than

C. like

D. more

what is the comparative form of “happy”?

A. happier

B. happiest

C. more happy

D. more happier

The cheetah is ____________ animal in the world. (fast)

A. the fastest

B. fastest

C. faster

D. the faster

____________ bird in the world is only 5,5cm long. (small)

A. The smallest

B. Smaller

C. Small

D. The smalliest

Sam is ________ than Suzy. (lazy)

A. lazier

B. laziest

C. the laziest

D. the lazy

English is ________ than Chinese. (easy)

A. easier

B. more easier

C. the easy

D. the easiest

Dogs are ________ than cats. (friendly)

A. friendlier

B. more friend

C. the friendliest

D. the most friendly

I hope the get the same grade _________ yours.

A. as

B. than

C. more

Of all the boys I’ve meet, this one is the ____________

A. nicest

B. best

C. nicer

D. worse

She bought ____________ cake in the shop. (expensive)

A. the most expensive

B. most expensive

C. expensiver

D. expensivest

This road has the ________ length as that one.

A. same

B. as

C. like

D. more

He is not as hard working __________ his father.

A. as

B. same

C. than

The blue dress is ________ than the red one. (nice)

A. nicer

B. niceer

C. more nice

D. the nicest

What is the comparative form of “difficult”?

A. more difficult

B. more dificult

C. difficultier

D. difficulter

What is the superlative form of “bad”?

A. the worst

B. worse

C. badest

D. baddest

Which animal is ____________ in the world? (cute)

A. the cutest

B. cutest

C. cuteest

D. cuteer

December is ____________ month of the year in my country. (cold)

A. the coldest

B. coldest

C. colder

D. coldiest

My mother is as ____________ as that model.

A. beautiful

B. nicer

C. best

D. beautifuller

What is the comparative form of “good”?

A. better

B. gooder

C. the best

D. best

Who is ____________ singer in your country? (famous)

A. the most famous

B. most famous

C. the

D. famouser


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