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Comparison Quiz


Lan is _____ at Maths than Lan.

A. good

B. better

C. best

D. well

A city house is ____________ than a country house.

A. most modern

B. more modern

C. moderner

D. modern

Sam is ________ than Suzy. (lazy)

A. lazier

B. laziest

C. the laziest

D. the lazy

In my opinion, safety is __________ important factor to rank a city.

A. the second

B. the second most

C. second the most

D. most the second

Living in Valencia isn’t _________ living in Paris is.

A. as expensive as

B. more expensive

C. expensiver than

D. the most expensive

He works more ………………….. than I.

A. slow

B. slowly

C. slowest

D. most slowly

My class is large, but hers is ____.

A. larger

B. the most large

C. more large

D. most large

His job is ………… than mine.

A. more important

B. the most important

C. important

D. as important

Mr. Brown receives a …………. salary than anyone else in the company.

A. big

B. more bigger

C. bigger

D. the bigger

My interview lasted longer than yours.

A. Your interview wasn’t as short as mine.

B. Your interview was shorter than mine.

C. Your interview was as long as mine.

D. Your interview was longer than mine.

Today is the ………………… day of the month.

A. hot

B. hotter

C. hottest

D. hottest than

A new house is ………. than an old one.

A. as expensive

B. the most expensive

C. expensive

D. more expensive

The blue dress is ________ than the red one. (nice)

A. nicer

B. niceer

C. more nice

D. the nicest

The more he smokes, …. his health is

A. bad

B. worse

C. the worse

D. the worst

She sings ……….. among the singers I have known.

A. the most beautiful

B. the more beautiful

C. the most beautifully

D. the more beautifully

John’s grades are ………………..than his sister’s.

A. higher

B. more high

C. high

D. the highest

It’s (easy) _________ to play an instrument after you’ve been practicing for a while.

A. easier than

B. easier

C. the most easy

D. more easy than

She bought ____________ cake in the shop. (expensive)

A. the most expensive

B. most expensive

C. expensiver

D. expensivest

My neighborhood is ___________ because of a factory.

A. fantastic

B. polluted

C. modern

D. exciting

She …………with her parents.

A. live

B. lives

C. living

What is the superlative form of “bad”?

A. the worst

B. worse

C. badest

D. baddest

My young brother grew very quickly and soon he was ……….. my mother.

A. more big than

B. so big than

C. as big as

D. too big than

The life in the village is ______ than the life in the city.

A. more quiet

B. quiter

C. quieter

D. quitest

Long zither (đàn tranh) is _________ traditional Vietnamese musical instrument loved by many Hue people.

A. the gentler

B. the most gentle

C. the most gentlest

D. the gentlest

I prefer ____________ in my neighborhood than the others.

A. living

B. to live

C. live

D. lived


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