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Adverbs Quiz


What is the adverb in this sentence?

We have class, but don’t have to go to school tomorrow.

A. have

B. tomorrow

C. class

Jobe never runs in the hall. 

A. never

B. hall

C. runs

Which adverb correctly completes the sentence?

Ron kicked the ball _____.

A. powerfully

B. more powerfully

C. most powerfully

The climate is changing ____________ human activity.

A. because

B. because of

Brandon slept quietly in class.

A. quietly

B. slept

C. class

Jasmin and Kadicia will learn about adverbs today.

A. today

B. learn

C. we

The airplane climbed __________________to reach its cruising altitude.

A. steady

B. steadyly

C. steadily

Fast is only an adjective, not an adverb!



Which adverb correctly completes the sentence?

Tina arrived _____ than Eric.

A. earlier

B. earliest

C. early

I was late this morning … the traffic.

A. because

B. because of

He can’t drive …….. his illness

A. Because

B. Because of

It is all ……… you.

A. because of

B. because

We stopped playing soccer …….. the rain.

A. because of

B. because

Mr. Humphrey gladly gave the announcements. 

A. gladly

B. announcements

C. Mr. Humphrey

He is ____ spoken about.

A. wide

B. widely

I take very good care of my health so I …. eat organic food.

A. never

B. rarely

C. always

The car will keep running __________ you take good care of it

A. whether

B. unless

C. as long as

The chevrons on the 737 Max engines look______________.

A. amazingly

B. amazing

Bill is a careful driver. He drives ____ .

A. carefully

B. careful

__________ it’s going to rain today.

A. carefully

B. briefly

C. almost

D. apparently

E. absolutely

What is the adverb in this sentence?

Bess secretly went to the kitchen to get a cookie.

A. secretly

B. cookie

C. kitchen

There is less food in the market __________ crops cannot grow.

A. because

B. because of

Choose the sentence that uses often correctly.

A. I listen often to music.

B. I often listen to music.

The aircraft’s altimeter provided the pilot with ________________information about the altitude.

A. precise

B. precisely

I sing __________ I like singing.

A. so

B. if

C. because


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