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Comparison Degree Quiz


Mary / is/ funny/ in our class.

A. Mary is more funny in our class.

B. Mary is the most funny in our class.

C. Mary is the funnyest in our class.

D. Mary is the funniest in our class.

Her cook is … than my mother cook.

A. salty

B. tasty

C. hotter

D. spicier

I’m positive that I am … than my little brother.

A. more intelligent

B. most intelligent

C. intelligent

D. most excellent

Football is ………….. than tennis.

A. popular

B. more popular

C. popularer

D. the most popular


A. Max is older Sam.

B. Max is oldest than Sam.

C. Max is the older than Sam.

D. Max is older than Sam.

Horses are ……….. than snails.

A. slower

B. fast

C. faster

D. slow

James / is/ bad/ player / I know.

A. James is the baddest player I know.

B. James is a badder player I know.

C. James is the worst player I know.

D. James is the most worst player I know.

Rama /is / big / Andi

A. Rama is more big than Andi

B. Rama is biger than Andi

C. Rama is bigger than Andi

D. Rama is the most biggest than Andi

Who /is/ tall/ student/ in the class?

A. Who is the most tallest student in the class?

B. Who is the most tall student in the class?

C. Who is the tall student in the class?

D. Who is the tallest student in the class?

Friends are ………… than money.

A. important

B. more important

C. importanter

D. the most important

My new job is … than my old job.

A. newer

B. good

C. the best

D. better

January is still winter so it is ……. than May.

A. cold

B. colder

C. hotter

D. hot

Sue is ………… at English than me.

A. better

B. gooder

C. good

D. the best

Paul is eight years old, Tom is nine, and John is ten. Paul is the…

A. eldest

B. smartest

C. oldest

D. youngest

This trip was __________ her last one. (exciting)

A. more exciting than

B. most exciting than

C. excitinger than

D. exciting as

An elephant is _________ than a dog. (heavy)

A. most heavier than

B. more heavier than

C. less heavy than

D. heavier than

This game was even _________ last week’s game. (good)

A. gooder than

B. better than

C. best less

D. less better as

This road is the … in the town.

A. narrow

B. bigger

C. narrowest

D. taller

This lesson is ______________ yesterday’s lesson. (boring)

A. most boring than

B. more boring as

C. boringer than

D. more boring than

My father is ___________________ (busy) my mother.

A. the busiest than my mother. 

B. busier than my mother. 

C. more busier than my mother. 

D. the most busiest than my mother. 

Sam / is / good/ swimmer/ his brother

A. Sam is a gooder swimmer than his brother

B. Sam is a beter swimmer than his brother

C. Sam is the goodest swimmer than his brother

D. Sam is a better swimmer than his brother

That whale is — than this dolphin.

A. bigger

B. smaller

C. the biggest

D. the smallest

Lions /are / dangerous /cats.

A. Lions are most dangerous than cats.

B. Lions are more dangerous than cats.

C. Lions are dangerouser than cats.

D. Lions are the most dangerous than cats.

My drawing is _________________ than yours. (colorful)

A. more colorful

B. most colorful

C. colorfuller

D. colorfullest

Sam /is/ intelligent/Roy, but/ Jim / is/ intelligent.

A. Sam is more intelligent than Roy, but Jim is the most intelligent.

B. Sam is more intelligenter than Roy, but Jim is the most intelligentest.

C. Sam is more intelligent than Roy, but Jim is the most intelligentest.

D. Sam is intelligenter than Roy, but Jim is the intelligentest.


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