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Transitions Quiz


To show an addition (more information), use a transition like:

A. obviously, clearly, evidently

B. as a result, because, since, so

C. besides, for example, furthermore

D. but, yet, although, though

To show contradiction (opposite), use a transition like:

A. first, next, before, now, finally

B. as a result, because, since, so

C. since, while, like

D. however, but, although, conversely

To show an example (detail), use a transition like:

A. like, such as, for example, for instance

B. finally, lastly, in conclusion

C. but, yet, although, though

D. also, another, in comparison, too

To show a chronological event (movement in time), use a transition like:

A. also, another, like, too, in comparison

B. first, next, before, now, finally

C. besides, in addition, for example, furthermore

D. as a result, because, since, so , therefore

One C+ kept Yelitza from honor roll first quarter; ____ she’s working extra hard this quarter to get all As and Bs.

A. therefore,

B. on the other hand,

C. in addition,

D. furthermore,

Brian’s writing is really distinct; ______ I can hear his voice when I read the words he chooses.

A. simultaneously,

B. equally important,

C. in other words,

D. despite that,

To show an ending, use a transition like:

A. for instance, such as, like

B. finally, in conclusion, lastly

C. although, furthermore, besides

D. first, next, later, after

Andrew and Leo wanted to make honor roll this semester; _________ they made sure to ask their teachers how they could raise their grades.

A. for instance,

B. as a result,

C. however,

D. in addition,

To show cause and effect (how and why things happen), use a transition like:

A. besides, for example, also, furthermore

B. first, next, before, later, finally

C. also, another, like, in comparison

D. as a result, since, consequently, because

(At the end of an essay:)
______________ the more educated a person is, the more choices he will have in a career.

A. Otherwise,

B. Meanwhile,

C. In conclusion,

D. Likewise,

You can come with us if you are ready; ___________, you will have to ride the bus.

A. nevertheless

B. similarly

C. moreover

D. otherwise

Carlos started the year with low beginning grades; ______ he worked hard at home and pulled up all of his grades by the end of the nine weeks.

A. however,

B. furthermore,

C. for example,

D. in addition,


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