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Conditionals Quiz


Katherine’d think about a Plan B,

A. If Plan A doesn’t work.

B. If Plan A would not have worked.

C. If Plan A didn’t work.

I will lend you some money, ____ condition that you promise to pay me back next week.

A. on

B. in

C. at

D. to

Experts say that New York ….. (not be) one of the top ten biggest cities in the world by 2050.

A. isn’t

B. won’t be

C. wouldn’t be

Identify the synonym of “provided that”:

A. whether or not

B. longer than

C. providing that

D. supposedly

I’m sure you’ll pass the exam as _____ as you study hard.

A. short

B. long

C. providing

D. condition

If I had the chance,

A. I’ll move to London

B. I’d move to London

C. I had moved to London

Choose the sentence which has the same meaning, using conditional sentence:

I have to work tomorrow , so I can’t meet you.

A. If I don’t have to work tomorrow , I can meet you.

B. If I didn’t have to work tomorrow, I could meet you.

C. I could meet you if I don’t have to work tomorrow .

D. I can meet you if I didn’t have to work tomorrow .

Unless you ______________ your project, your teacher _______________ you a low grade

A. don’t complete / will give

B. complete / gives

C. complete /will give

He would buy that car if he _____ the money.

A. have

B. has

C. had

D. would have

I’m going to study art _____ you like it or not.

A. weather

B. whether

C. even

D. unless

I would give her some advice if she _____ for it.

A. asks

B. asked

C. will ask

D. would ask

unless the weather ______, we … _____________ a picnic.

A. isn’t improving / aren’t having

B. won’t improve / don’t have

C. improves / won’t have

If you _______________ a fire, you get burned.

A. touch

B. touched

C. had touched

D. would touch

Keyla _____________ (travel) with you If she saved enough money.

A. would travel

B. had travel

C. will travel

D. ‘d travelled

A second conditional sentence is used to express something..

A. probable

B. improbable

C. impossible

_____ (not/throw) this dress away if it _____ (go) out of style.

A. Don’t throw / goes

B. Won’t throw / go

C. Don’t throw / will go

If you ____ (see) Mary, ____ (tell) her I miss her.

A. see / tell

B. will see / tell

C. see / will tell

If you ………. (heat) ice, it ………. (melt).

A. heat/melt

B. heats/melts

C. heat/ melts

D. heats/melt

We …………………….to the beach if the weather were nice.

A. went

B. will go

C. can go

D. could go

What ____ if you found a dinosaur skeleton in your garden?

A. will you do

B. would you do

C. do you do

D. did you do

What are the 3 modals for the 3rd conditional main clause?

A. had, would, have

B. would, could, might

C. would, will, won’t

If I _______ you, I _______ a new job.

A. was/would get

B. were/ would get

C. were/get

D. were/will get

If you do all your chores, I ____________ (let) you play.

A. would let

B. ‘d let

C. won’t let

D. ‘ll let

If I want to go shopping, I ………. (catch) the bus from my town to Manchester. It only takes half an hour.

A. catch

B. will catch

C. would catch

If today __________ (be) a day off, student’s wouldn’t have this quiz.

A. were

B. was not

C. would be


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