Grammar Quiz

Conditionals Quiz


If he_______ for my test, I ______have better grades

A. studies/ will

B. had study / have

C. studied / would

If he _______________ to a music school, he _______________ a great musician.

A. had gone, would have become

B. had went, would have become

If you _______________ us, we can prepare snacks for you.

A. visit

B. will visit

C. would visit

D. visits

If the weather ________ better, we ________ to the park.

A. were – will go

B. was – go

C. were – would go

D. is – would go

If babies are hungry, they _______________.

A. cry

B. cried

C. had cried

D. cries

If we _______________ earlier, we would have seen Jane.

A. arrive

B. arrived

C. had arrived

D. arrives

If I_________ to the cinema, I will finishmy homework

A. have gone

B. went

C. go

If he drinks a lot of coffee, ______________________________.

A. he’ll sleep well

B. he won’t sleep well

C. he sleeps well

I will stay at home __________________________________.

A. it rains

B. if it rains

C. if it doesn’t rain

If the weather _______________ good, we will go to the beach.

A. is

B. was

C. had been

D. were

If I_______ in my friends, I won´t take that decision

A. trust

B. have trusted

C. trusted

If you _______________, you _______________ yellow fingers.

A. smoke, get

B. smoke, will get

C. smoke, would get

If you gave me some money, I ____ you with your homework.

A. will help

B. help

C. helped

D. would help

I would give her some advice if she _____ for it.

A. asks

B. asked

C. will ask

D. would ask

If you don’t hurry, _______________________________.

A. you will miss the bus

B. you won’t miss the bus

C. you miss the bus

How ______ if you had no tongue?

A. will you speak

B. do you speak

C. would you speak

D. did you speak

If my wife cooks for breakfast, she _______________ sandwich and coffee.

A. prepares

B. prepared

C. had prepared

D. prepare

They _______________ to Spain on holiday if they _______________ hot weather.

A. would go, like

B. would go, liked

C. would go, likes

What ____ if you found a dinosaur skeleton in your garden?

A. will you do

B. would you do

C. do you do

D. did you do

If I _______________ a superstar, I _______________ someone who is famous.

A. were, will marry

B. were, marry

C. were, would marry

If we _______ a yacht, we ________ the seven seas.

A. had – would sail

B. have – sail

C. have – sailed

D. had – sailed

If I _______________ out today, I will go to the park.

A. go

B. went

C. will go

D. goes

If we _______________ a taxi, we wouldn’t have missed the plane.

A. take

B. took

C. had taken

D. would take

__________________________, you will pass the exam.

A. If he studies

B. If you’ll study

C. If you study

If she _______________ to Paris, she _______________ French.

A. had lived, would have studied

B. had live, would have studied


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