Grammar Quiz

Toeic Verb Quiz


What ….. you arguing about with Peter just now ?

A. have

B. did

C. were

D. are

After Ms. Williams —— Levine Advertising, she made some innovative suggestions to reduce expenditures.

A. join

B. joined

C. is joining

D. has been joining

Brendon ……….. work until late last night.

A. did not finish

B. had not finished

C. has not finished

D. will not finish

It was the first time the creative team ………….. since January, so there was a lot to discuss.

A. meets

B. is meeting

C. had met

D. will meet

Most of the stores downtown —– at 10 in the morning and close at 9 P.M.

A. open

B. have opened

C. opens

D. will open

Questions regarding shipping schedules are —— by customer service representatives.

A. replying

B. replied

C. reply

D. to reply

Mr. Denny called to say the package you sent……….. arrived yet.

A. was not

B. did not

C. has not

D. is not

Mr. Brown’s superb attention to details —— won him a positive reputation.

A. are

B. were

C. has

D. have

Sorry, James is not here. I think he ………….. ten minutes ago.

A. left

B. had left

C. was leaving

D. has left

Where …………….. next month’s sales meeting going to take place ?

A. will

B. is

C. has

D. did

Any late entries which ___________ submitted for the contest will not be considered

A. is

B. will

C. being

D. are

Many of the employees in this factory ——– to leave after the huge salary cut three weeks ago.

A. decide

B. decides

C. decided

D. have decided

The Sunstar Hotel which expanded both in size and quality______ to attract more tourits in coming years.

A. expects

B. expectation

C. expecting

D. expect

Successfully managing a business ______ specific management skills in addition to knowledge of key business practices

A. require

B. requiring

C. requirement

D. requires

We ……. coffee when the new Vice President came into the office.

A. have

B. were having

C. will have

D. have had

What time is Mrs. Ono …………………….?

A. will come

B. going come

C. come

D. coming

I ……… that the new rescue plan will work.

A. am doubting

B. will doubt

C. doubt

D. was doubting

It is definitely true that we ……….. a period of great uncertainty at the moment.

A. experience

B. are going to experience

C. have experienced

D. are experiencing

Sales executives —— at the Glory Business Center for the annual conference last Friday.

A. convene

B. convened

C. convenes

D. convening

Following safety precautions ______ workers avoid any injury in the workplace

A. helping

B. helps

C. to help

D. help


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