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Conditional Type 1 Quiz


Which one is correct?

A. If I see Ben, I will tell he.

B. If I see Ben, I will tell him.

C. If I see Ben I will tell him.

D. If I see Ben, I would tell him.

If he … (be) late, we … (go) without him

A. lates – will go

B. is – go

C. is – will go

If I … (not/go) to bed now, I … (be) tired tomorrow

A. don’t go – will be

B. not go – will be

C. not going – will be

If she …. , I won’t be angry

A. Doesn’t comes

B. Don’t come

C. Doesn’t come

If you ______ hurry, you ______ the bus.

A. -, will miss

B. doesn’t, will miss

C. don’t, miss

D. don’t, will miss

I … (be) very surprised if he … (come)

A. am – comes

B. will – come

C. will be – comes

If I … (have) enough money, I … (go) to New York

A. had – will go

B. have – will go

C. have – go

We … (be) late if we … (not hurry)

A. will be – don’t hurry

B. will be – not hurry

C. will be – aren’t hurry

If I … (see) Jim, I … (ask) him to phone you

A. see – will ask

B. sees – ask

C. saw – will ask

If I… (find) your ring, I will give it back to you.

A. Can find

B. Have found

C. Find

D. Finds

If you … study hard, you will not pass the test.

A. Don’t

B. Doesn’t

C. Have not

D. Has not

E. Didn’t

If it rains heavily, … under water?

A. will your home end up

B. will your home be ended up

If they… (study/not) harder, they will not pass the exam.

A. Doesn’t study

B. Won’t study

C. Didn’t study

D. Don’t study

Which one is correct?

A. If Sally late again, I will mad.

B. If Sally is late again I will be mad.

C. If Sally is late again, I will be mad.

D. If Sally late again, I will mad.

If I … (be) not too tired, I … (go) to the cinema

A. don’t – will go

B. am – will go

C. am not – will go

Toni : Have you done your job?
Ruby : Not yet. It’s too difficult
Toni : If you don’t mind, …

A. I shall hand it over

B. I will ask your supervisor

C. I can lend you my paper

D. I will tell about it to your supervisor

E. I will help you complete it

Teddy… (go) to Paris Van Java next week if he gets a cheap flight.

A. Would go

B. Has gone

C. Will go

D. Won’t go

If it … (rain), then we … (stay) at home

A. rains – will stay

B. rain – stay

C. rained – will stay

Angel will go shopping if she… (have) time in the afternoon.

A. Has

B. Will have

C. Had

D. Have

If it rains tomorrow, I… (have to/ not) water the plants.

A. Don’t have to

B. Not have to

C. Does have to

D. Have to

They … (go) to the party if they … (be) invited

A. will go – are

B. go – will be

C. are – will

Which one is correct?

A. If he studies hard, he will pass the exam.

B. If he study hard, he will passes the exam.

C. If he studies hard, he will passes the exam.

D. If he study hard, he will pass the exam.

Erika…(can/move/not) into the new house if it isn’t ready on time.

A. Can move

B. Can’t move

C. Not can move

D. Can’t moves

If I… (do) this test, I will improve my English.

A. Do

B. Have done

C. Will do

D. Did

If he ..(try) harder, he … (reach) his goals.

A. try, would reach

B. will try, reach

C. would try, reached

D. tried, would reach

E. tries, will reach


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