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Continuous Tense Quiz


What is the correct sentence for that picture?

A. I was watching TV and my mother coming

B. My mother come while I was watching TV

C. My mother was coming when I was watching TV

D. My mother came while I was watching TV

What is the correct sentence for that picture?

A. When the bell was ringing, they did an exercise

B. They doing an exercise and the bell rang

C. While the bell rang, they doing an exercise.

D. They were doing an exercise when the bell rang.

I ________(read) a book when suddenly I ________(hear) a noise.

A. read / heard

B. was reading / was hearing

C. was reading / heard

D. read / was hearing

you ( listen) ……….to music at 6 p.m yesterday?

A. Do you listen

B. Are you listening

C. Did you listen

D. Were you listening

A: What are the girls doing?

B: They …. ………….. card.

A. Play

B. Played

C. Are playing

D. Have Played

she ……… a book at ten o’clock tomorrow.

A. was reading

B. is reading

C. will be reading

D. were reading

I ( play) ………………football when my mother came back.

A. played

B. was playing

C. were playing

D. am playing

Look! The students……. football in the field now

A. Play

B. Are playing

C. Is playing

D. Plays

Next week I will have no time to play around because I _________ (watch) all his matches.

A. was watching

B. am watching

C. will be watching

D. am not watching

what . . . they doing? they are writing on a book.

A. am

B. is

C. are

D. do

Rini …… ……….. while her mother was washing the vegetables.

A. was sleeping

B. is sleeping

C. has slept

D. to sleep

When I saw you in the shop last night, you …………… your new hat.

A. don’t wear

B. weren’t wearing

C. haven’t been wearing

D. haven’t worn

When I arrived in Denpasar yesterday, It …. raining

Now, it … raining. Tomorrow may be it … raining.

A. will be, is, was

B. was, will be, is

C. was, is, will be

D. is, was, will be

When Tono ….. Ali, he was riding a bike.

A. was meeting

B. has met

C. meets

D. met

At 8.00 next Monday the committee _______________ (discuss) this question.

A. will be discussing

B. will discussing

C. is discussing

D. was discussing

The best arrangement of these jumbled words is…

they – in -are -the river – swimming – ?

A. In the river they are swimming

B. They are in the river swimming

C. They are swimming in the river

D. Are they swimming in the river?

What is the correct sentence for that picture?

A. The cars crashed when we were sitting at the park.

B. The cars were crashed while we were sitting at the park.

C. The cars crashed while we was sitting at the park.

D. The cars crashed while we were sitting at the park.

Listen! Your father …… to a friend right now

A. Talk

B. Talks

C. Is talking

D. Are talking

Tiara ……to music at this moment.

The best form to fill in the sentence is…

A. is listening

B. listens

C. was listening

D. listened

Look ! My father and my little brother ….

A. plant

B. are planting

C. is planting

D. were planting


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