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Continuous Tense Quiz


Windy: “Hi, …… anything at the moment?”

Winda: “Not right now, but I’ll be busy in a few minutes.”

A. were you doing

B. are you doing

C. do you do

D. are you

My father ….. a movie last night at 7 pm.

A. is watching

B. was watching

C. were watching

D. will be watching

I …. my project from 7 to 10 this evening.

A. will be doing

B. was doing

C. see

D. am

The children . . . hide and seek (-)

A. am playing

B. is playing

C. are playing

D. playing

The man ….. a motorcycle with wearing helmet.

A. rode

B. ride

C. is riding

D. are riding

I ran so fast that my heart …. really hard.

A. beaten

B. beats

C. was beating

D. were beating

Look! The man … soundly.

A. are sleeping

B. sleeping

C. sleep

D. is sleeping

Indah: ” …. you … when I called you?”

Indra: “No, I was not.”

A. Are – sleep

B. Were – sleeping

C. Are – sleeping

D. Were – slept

What … when you arrived?

A. are they doing

B. were they doing

C. was they doing

D. do they do

Emir: “What are you doing?”

Emma: “I … right now.”

A. am cooked

B. cooks

C. cooking

D. am cooking

you ( listen) ……….to music at 6 p.m yesterday?

A. Do you listen

B. Are you listening

C. Did you listen

D. Were you listening

Adinda was doing her math homework when the phone …

A. ring

B. rang

C. rings

D. are ringing

Her uncle … … his sport shoes 2 … ago

A. Was, watching, week

B. Were, washing, weeks

C. Was, washing, weeks

D. Was , washing, week

Tono …. a comic now.

A. is reading

B. am reading

C. are reading

D. were reading

Hari and Susi …. on Parangtritis beach at 9 am tomorrow.

A. are walking

B. were walking

C. will be walking

D. was walking

She …. in the sea when I saw her.

A. swims

B. swimming

C. is swimming

D. was swimming

Amir and I … our project right now.

A. are discussed

B. are discussing

C. is discussing

D. discussed

What … you … when the accident happened?

A. was – doing

B. were – doing

C. did – doing

D. do – doing

Olla: What were you doing when I rang you up?

Qolli: I … my home works.

A. was doing

B. were doing

C. am doing

D. are doing

What is the correct sentence for that picture?

A. The cars crashed when we were sitting at the park.

B. The cars were crashed while we were sitting at the park.

C. The cars crashed while we was sitting at the park.

D. The cars crashed while we were sitting at the park.

My brother and sister …. tennis at 10 am yesterday

A. are playing

B. is playing

C. was playing

D. were playing

Rendi: ” …. you …. TV right now?

Randi: “Yes. I am.”

A. Are – watching

B. Are – watch

C. Do – watching

D. Did – watching

Dinda: “What’s wrong? You look so worried.”

Dandi: “I’m … my cat right now.”

A. look for

B. looked for

C. looks for

D. looking for

Dad … our dinner when I got home.

A. was cooking

B. cooked

C. cooks

D. cook

I ( play) ………………football when my mother came back.

A. played

B. was playing

C. were playing

D. am playing


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