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Gerund & Participle Quiz


You are forbidden __________ the laboratory without protective clothing.

A. to enter

B. to be entering

C. entering

D. to be entered

___________ a great deal of wealth, he decided to retire and enjoy it before he got too old.

A. Being acquired

B. Having been acquired

C. To acquire

D. Having acquired

“She was great, wasn’t she?” “Absolutely, I can recall the last time I heard her ________ such an inspiring speech.”

A. has been delivering

B. to deliver

C. to be delivering

D. deliver

The politician was accused ___________ involved in corruption so he had to withdraw from the election.

A. for having got

B. of having got

C. getting

D. having got

She was not used ____________ Cantonese.

A. to speaking

B. to speak

C. speaking

D. speak

_____________ the email – supposedly from Boyd’s Bank – to be genuine, she was tricked into disclosing her credit card details.

A. Believe

B. Being believed

C. To believe

D. Believing

The director had a hard time convincing him ___________ the part.

A. to take

B. to taking

C. takes

D. taken

The headmaster congratulated the students _________ the first prize in the contest.

A. on having achieved

B. on being achieved

C. for having achieved

D. to have achieved

_________ the President of the UNSC in April 2021, Vietnam is striving to promote ASEAN’s central role.

A. Being

B. Having been

C. To be

D. Is

Bally gave such a good speech that I couldn’t help __________.

A. being applauded

B. to applaud

C. applauding

D. to be applauded

___________ for the presidency, Jane feels overwhelmed and anxious about her new role.

A. Being nominated

B. Nominating

C. Having nominated

D. To be nominated

_____ in almost every Vietnamese family’s meal, rice is the most common food in Vietnam.

A. Found

B. Finding

C. To find

D. Having found

_________ their 3-year marriage, the husband regretted _________ his wife well.

A. Looking back on/not to have treated

B. To look back on/ not treating

C. Looking back on/not having treated

D. To look back on/not having treated

_________ during the pandemic, John decided to apply for University of Health.

A. Admiring the doctors to be courageous

B. Admiring the doctors for being courageous

C. Admire the doctors for being courageous

D. Being admired the doctors of being courageous

__________ to represent the Association of American Engineers at the International Convention, he gave a short acceptance speech.

A. Having been selected

B. Having selected

C. Selecting

D. Select

__________ for 3 hours, they decided to stop to have lunch at a cheap restaurant.

A. Having been walked

B. Having walked

C. Walking

D. Walked

The teacher doesn’t allow_______ dictionaries in the final examination.

A. being used

B. use

C. using

D. to use

__________ to Jenny about their wedding, John accidentally let her know about the surprise gift.

A. Having talked

B. Talking

C. Being talked

D. Talked

I remember __________ my mother said the grass in the garden needed __________.

A. to hear/cutting

B. hear/cut

C. heard/to cut

D. hearing/cutting

_____________ , my daughter cried for nearly 2 hours.

A. Being criticized for getting low grades

B.Criticized to get low grades

C. Criticizing for getting low grades

To be criticized for getting low grades


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