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Contrastive Conjunctions Quiz


Man: Mr. Ramli is old and weak, but do you know what he did last night?
Woman: What?

What is the best response to say next?

A. He fought the thief but he is old and weak.

B. He is old and weak yet he gave up to the thief.

C. He faced the thief, yet he is old and weak.

D. He is old and weak, but he faced the thief bravely.

E. Unless he faced the thief, he is old and weak

Amy worked hard. …., Grace hardly did any work at all.

A. Even if

B. Unless

C. However

D. On the other hand

Man: My uncle doesn’t earn much. However, he can send his children to college.
Woman: Wow, that’s great. He must save his money regularly.

What do you know about the man’s uncle?

A. He gets low salary

B. He cannot get a good job

C. His children need to go to college

D. His children will help him earn money

E. His children save their money regularly

Man: We are tired after the test, but we are happy with the result.
Woman: Did you get a good score?
Man: Yes. I got the highest score in my class

Why is the man happy?

A. He is going to have a test

B. He finished his test

C. He couldn’t do his test

D. He got a good score

E. He is the best student in his school

I love my job. I wouldn’t change jobs …. the salary was higher.

A. On the other hand

B. Even if

Anis was tired , …. she went on working for her family.

A. Unless

B. However

C. Even if

D. On the other hand

Man: Let’s go to the cinema together!
Woman: Unless my mother gives me permission, I cannot go out tonight

What can we learn from the dialogue?

A. The woman cannot go to the cinema

B. The woman doesn’t get her mother’s permission

C. The woman can go with the man if she gets her mother’s permission

D. The man asks the woman’s permission to go to the cinema

E. The man gives the woman permission to go to the cinema together

I can’t buy a new phone … I have a much money.

A. Unless

B. On the other hand

You can’t improve your English …. you read a lot.

A. Unless

B. Even if

I am fond of volleyball; …., my brother is enthusiastic about playing football.

A. On the other hand

B. However

My little sister will bring the bag …. it is so heavy.

A. However

B. Even if

Man: Ari failed again in his test.
Woman: He has failed for five times. I am proud of him because he never gives up

What can we say about Ari?

A. He failed for five times, but he gives up.

B. He failed many times, nevertheless, he did not give up.

C. He gives up in his test after he failed many times.

D. He failed his test, however, he gives up

E. He neber failed in his test, however, he gives up

Neona is sick. …, she could sing perfectly.

A. However

B. Even if

This jacket will be sold …. it’s very expensive.

A. On the other hand

B. Even if

C. However

D. Unless

Man: How was your holiday?
Woman: It was fun
Man: Yesterday the weather wasn’t warm
Woman: …

What is the most appropriate response to say next?

A. It wasn’t warm, but it is very hot.

B. It wasn’t very warm. Nevertheless, we had a good time at the beach.

C. It is too warm that I can’t stand in anymore.

D. It wasn’t very warm. However, I had a bad holiday.

E. It wasn’t warm, yet I didn’t like the weather

I wouldn’t buy you a scooter …. I had the money.

A. However

B. Even if

C. Unless

D. On the other hand


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