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Grammar Like & Linking Verb Quiz


Is this correct: The baby looks like small.

A. Yes

B. No

C. Maybe

D. Both yes and no

Do you think it _____ like it will rain?

A. sounds

B. feels

C. tastes

D. looks

My new shirts _____ like silk to me because they are so soft.

A. seem

B. taste

C. look

D. feel

My sister _____ like Doja Cat.

A. seems

B. smells

C. feels

D. looks

The flowers _____ like my mom’s perfume.

A. look

B. smell

C. taste

D. seem

We use the word _____ after linking verbs to compare two things.

A. as

B. seems

C. like

D. it

What’s all the noise next door? It sounds _____.

A. like they’re having a party.

B. they’re having a party.

C. like they are tired.

D. they are tired.

What’s wrong with Cintron? He doesn’t seem _____.

A. like summer flowers.

B. like he’s been arguing.

C. like it was going to rain.

D. like himself today.

This place _____ like a house, but it’s really an apartment.

A. sounds

B. feels

C. looks

D. tastes

Why is “The baby looks like small.” incorrect?

A. Wrong subject/verb agreement

B. Cannot put an adjective by itself after the word “like.”

C. Linking verbs go with adverbs, not adjectives.

D. All of the senses must be paired with an action verb.

The candle _____ like jasmine.

A. looks

B. smells

C. tastes

D. seems

What was in the dessert? It tasted _____.

A. like it was going to end.

B. like bland.

C. like cherries.

D. like sweet.

To me, this ice cream _____ like it has coffee in it.

A. feels

B. sounds

C. tastes

D. looks

What kind of verbs are the sense verbs?

A. action verbs

B. linking verbs

C. helping verbs

D. passive

Marquez is really late! It seems _____.

A. like he isn’t going to come.

B. like he is happy to be here.

C. he isn’t going to come.

D. he is happy to be here.

My skin is so soft. It feels _____.

A. like a plastic toy.

B. like the heat.

C. like a baby’s skin.

D. like a towel.

Are you okay? You look _____.

A. like you are alive and well.

B. like you have seen a ghost.

C. like a refrigerator.

D. like crunchy.

The sofa is so comfortable, it _____ like puffy clouds!

A. feels

B. tastes

C. sounds

D. smells

The sky is dark. It looks _____.

A. like it will be hot.

B. like it is sunny.

C. rainy.

D. like it will rain.

Does the food taste okay?

A. Yes, it tastes like good restaurant food.

B. Yes, it tastes like unusual.

C. No, it tastes fine.

D. Yes, it tastes like fire.


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