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Countable & Uncountable Nouns Quiz


The assembly hall was full of ___

A. a noise

B. noise

The streets were empty. There weren’t ___ there.

A. peoples

B. some people

C. any people

There is no room on the bus. There are ___ people

A. too many

B. too much

C. not enough

If you pass the supermarket, could you buy ___?

A. some spaghetti

B. any spaghetti

C. a spaghetti

I’ll post your letters. Have you got ___?

A. a stamp

B. any stamps

C. any stamp

Education ___ the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

A. is

B. are

C. one

D. have

We should all recycle ___ so that it can be used again.

A. paper

B. a paper

Have you got ___? I can help you.

A. a luggage

B. some luggages

C. any luggage

There are ___ to fit into one van.

A. many containers

B. too many containers

C. large number of containers

Lemonade? Sorry, no, we haven’t got ___

A. some

B. any

Women ___ usually better listeners than men.

A. are

B. is

C. have been

D. has been

The information we were given ___

A. were very useful

B. was very useful

You can’t take ten suitcases on the plane!

A. You’ve got too much luggage

B. You haven’t got enough luggage

We don’t have ___ rain in the summer.

A. more

B. few

C. much

D. many

A small ___ of species, such as tigers and elephants, receive a ___ of publicity, but even they are still at risk.

A. number/lot

B. numbers/much

C. some/number

Could you go to the baker’s and buy ___ please?

A. a loaf

B. some loaf

C. few loaf

Choose the answer which has the similar meaning to the first sentence: We don’t know anything about the problem.

A. We don’t have any information about the problem.

B. We don’t have many information about the problem.

C. We don’t have much information about the problem.

When a species is ___ in number there may be ___ chance of keeping it from extinction.

A. many/more

B. many/much

C. few/little

There isn’t ___ food in the fridge, I’m afraid.

A. many

B. much

C. more

The stairs ___ very steep.

A. is

B. are

C. have

D. has

Do you think we have ___ pain to do all the rooms upstairs?

A. any

B. very little

C. enough

Choose the answer which has the similar meaning to the first sentence: I don’t want a lot of cream on my strawberries.

A. I only want a little cream on my strawberries.

B. I just want some few cream on my strawberries.

C. I don’t want many cream on my strawberries.

D. I only want too many cream on my strawberries.

___ business leaders agree with politicians and scientists that too ___ has been done to limit global warming.

A. Some/little

B. A/many

C. Some/many

___ are drunk every year.

A. Million litres of wine

B. Million of litres of wine

C. Million of litres wine

My shirt is dry now. Have you got ___ iron?

A. a

B. an

C. some


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