Grammar Quiz

Past simple regular verbs Quiz


The baby—-(cry) a lot yesterday.

A. cryed

B. cried

C. cries

D. cry

He___ hard for exams.

A. studied

B. study

C. studies

This actress —-( act) in a famous film last year.

A. acting

B. act

C. acted

D. acts

I ___ to music yesterday.

A. listen

B. listened

C. am listening

D. listens

The visitors  —-  the tour.

A. enjoy

B. enjoied

C. enjoyed

D. enjoyd

Yesterday I___ TV.

A. looked

B. watched

C. saw

The game —- (start) an hour ago.

A. start

B. starts

C. started

D. starting

Van Gogh — (paint) many famous paintings.

A. paint

B. painted

C. paints

He___ football at 11.

A. played

B. player

C. play

D. playing

My grandparents __ a museum on their vacation.

A. visited

B. visitted

C. visitinged

D. is visited

I helped  my mum with the housework ____ .

A. always

B. yesterday

C. now

D. today


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