Grammar Quiz

Simple Past Continuos Quiz


It ______ heavily when I ______ .

A. rained – got up

B. was raining – get up

C. rained – get up

D. was raining – got up

The baby ______ when the telephone _____.

A. slept – was ringing

B. slept – rung

C. sleeped – ring

D. was sleeping – rang

When it _____to rain, our dog ______to come inside.

A. was starting, wanted

B. started, wanted

C. started, was wanting

D. was starting – was wanting

She ____ when she ____ her ankle.

A. danced – was hurting

B. danced – hurt

C. was danced -hurt

D. was dencing – hurt

As I _____ in the streets of Holland, I ____ an old friend of mine.

A. walked – met

B. was walking – met

C. was walking – was meeting

D. walked – was meeting

I ______ my car keys.

A. was loosing

B. lose

C. lost

D. losed

When Jaenne _____a language course in Ireland, she _____Blarney Castle.

A. did – was visitting

B. was doing – was visiting

C. was doing – visited

D. did – visited

When I _______ the exercise I _____at the pictures.

A. started – looked

B. was starting – looked

C. started – was looking

D. was starting – was looking

I ______ for my purse when I _____ my credit card.

A. looked . dropped

B. looked – was dropping

C. was looking – was dropping

D. was looking – dropped

He _______some juice and then he ________a few chips

A. was drinking – ate

B. was eating – was eating

C. drunk – was eating

D. drank – ate

When my father ________in the garden, an old friend _______by to see him.

A. worked – was passing

B. worked – passed

C. was working – passed

D. was working – was passing

I ____the thief while he _____ into my neighbor’s house.

A. was seeing – got

B. saw – was getting

C. was seeing – was getting

D. saw – got

We _____ volleyball with Mary when you ____me.

A. played – were calling

B. were playing- called

C. played – called

D. play – called

When the teacher ____ in, they ______ English.

A. come – study

B. comed – studied

C. came – were studying

D. came – studied

When I _________the washing-up, I __________ a plate.

A. did – was breaking

B. was doing – broke

C. was doing – was breaking

D. did – broke

My uncle _____ me to the airport yesterday.

A. took

B. taked

C. was taking

D. tooked


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