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Degree of Comparison Quiz


You’re ______ person I know on Instagram!

A. the popularest

B. the most popularest

C. the most popular

D. the popularer

Rachel Kinsella is ______ expressive violinist in the country.

A. the better

B. the mostly

C. the most

D. the bestest

His company earned _____ money than the years before.

A. less

B. much

C. least

D. little

_____ people leave the city of Prague without commenting on the superb food and drink available here.

A. Few

B. Little

C. Much

D. Very

Which of the following sentences is correct?

A. The more time I spend in this city, I love it more!

B. The more time I spend in this city, the more I love it!

C. The more time I spend in this city, more I love it!

D. The more time I spend in this city, as more I love it!

Choose the superlative degree

A. English task is easier than Science task

B. English task is the easiest task among all subjects

C. English task is as easy as Science task

D. English task is the most easiest task among all subjects

I don’t really enjoy July or August in the UK, it’s ______ period of the year.

A. the hoterest

B. hot

C. the hottest

D. the hotest

Repairing my phone was a lot more complicated ______.

A. though I had expected

B. that I had expected

C. than I had expected

D. as I had expected

Rayn realizes that he is not smart, but his brother is so smart.

We can conclude that …

A. Rayn is not as smart as his brother

B. Rayn is smarter than his brother

C. Rayn is as smart as his brother

D. Rayn is smart

The pink socks are ______ than the white socks.

A. most expensive

B. expensive

C. the expensive

D. more expensive

He had ______ qualifications out of everybody, but unfortunately he didn’t have the experience he needed to get the job.

A. the finest

B. the finer

C. the fine

D. the most fine

My brother is diligent and my sister is diligent too.

A. My brother is as diligent as my sister

B. My brother is more diligent than my sister

C. My brother is the most diligent in my family


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