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Passive Sentences Quiz


We are building a new house.

A. A new house has been built

B. A new house was being built

C. A new house is being built

D. A new house had been built

The old woman sells shoes.

A. Shoes are being sold by the old woman

B. Shoes have been sold by the old woman

C. Shoes are sold by the old woman

D. Shoes is sold by the old woman

I am running a business.

A. A business had been run

B. A business is being run

C. A business was running

D. I was running a business

The bill has been paying by Bob

There is a mistake in this sentence. Point it out

A. The bill

B. has been

C. paying

D. by Bob

The bridge ______________ today.

A. is been painting

B. is painting

C. is being painting

D. is being painted

A new car was being bought.

A. My Dad bought a new car

B. My Dad buys a new car

C. My Dad was buying a new car

D. My Dad will buy a new car next week

Active: Tom is writing an email.

Passive: An email ___________________ by Tom.

A. was written

B. is being written

C. is written

D. has been written

The town ______________ ( attack) several times since the beginning of the world.

A. have attacked

B. have been attacked

C. has been attacked

D. has attack

Active: The French team has won the silver medal

Passive: The silver medal _________________ by the French team

A. has been won

B. had been won

C. has been being won

D. have been won


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