Grammar Quiz

Simple Present Tense/be/Present Progessive Quiz


I ___ English.

A. am studying

B. is studying

C. are studying

The driver ___ at the red light.

A. aren’t stopping

B. are stopping

C. isn’t stopping

___ they ___ funny movies?

A. Do, likes

B. Does, like

C. Do, like

She ___ ___.

A. doesn’t sing

B. do sing

C. don’t sing

We ___ a quiz right now.

A. are taking

B. is taking

C. take

Who ___ she ___?

A. is, texting

B. are, texting

C. aren’t, texting

He usually ___ basketball in the gym.

A. practice

B. practices

C. practicing

She ___ the dishes after dinner.

A. washes

B. wash

C. washing

How much ___ the shirt cost?

A. do

B. does

C. doesn’t

Do you ___ coffee every morning?

A. drinking

B. drink

C. drinks

It ___ raining tonight.

A. isn’t

B. aren’t

C. are

The children ___ tired tonight.

A. am

B. is

C. are

I like summer. I ___ winter.

A. doesn’t like

B. don’t like

C. don’t likes

Why ___ they ___ ?

A. is, running

B. are, running

C. am, running

What ___ you ___ these days?

A. am, doing

B. is, doing

C. are, doing


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