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Figurative Language Vocabulary Quiz


An exaggeration or overstatement

A. Hyperbole

B. Alliteration

C. Mood

D. Metaphor

Compares two different things without using a word of comparison such as “like or “as”

A. simile

B. Metaphor

C. personification

D. Free verse

The use of a word whose sounds make one think of its meaning

A. Assonance

B. Figurative Language

C. imagery

D. onomatopoeia

words arranged to form pictures in ones mind

A. imagery

B. Onomatopoeia

C. Figurative Language

D. Personafication

Poetry that does not require meter or a rhyme scheme

A. mood

B. Free verse

C. Onomatopoeia

D. Figurative language

The repeating of beginning constant sounds

A. Iorny

B. assonance

C. rhyme sheme

D. alliteration

The beat of a poem

A. quatrain

B. stanza

C. Rhyme

D. Rhythm

Rhymes organized into patterns

A. imagery

B. stanza

C. alliteration

D. rhyme scheme

Comares two different things using “like” or “as”

A. Alliteration

B. Hyperbole

C. Metaphor

D. Simile

The repetition of vowel wounds

A. Repetition

B. Alliteration

C. Assonance

D. simile

Feeling Generated

A. Tone

B. Alliteration

C. Mood

D. Assonance

Division in a poem named for the number of lines it contains

A. Stanza

B. rhyme sheme

C. free verse

D. rhyme

Four-Lined Stanza

A. Quatrain

B. rhyme sheme

C. couplet

D. irony

An idea, object or animal is given the characteristics of a person

A. Imagery

B. metaphor

C. personification

D. hyperbole

An agreement in sounds

A. imagery

B. onomatopoeia

C. rhyme

D. Rhythm

the repeating of a word or phrase to add rhythm or emphasize an idea

A. assonance

B. couplet

C. repetition

D. rhythm

Two-lined stanza

A. Quatrain

B. Free verse

C. couplet

D. rhyme

Writers Attitude

A. Personification

B. Mood

C. Alliteration

D. Tone

language used in a special way to create a special effect

A. Iorny

B. Imagery

C. Figurative Language

D. Onomatopoeia

using a word or phrase to mean the exact opposite of its meaning

A. Quatrain

B. Onomatopoeia

C. Stanza

D. Irony


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