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Grammar - may & might Quiz


We _______go to the cinema tonight. We’re not sure though!

A. can

B. might

C. will

D. have to

E. should

Let me check my agenda for tomorrow. I __________ meet you for a coffee if I have time.

A. might

B. must

C. should

D. have to

E. can

He isn’t sure about their offer. He _______ accept it.

A. must

B. has to

C. should

D. can

E. might

I ________watch the basketball game on Saturday. It is impossible because I am too busy.

A. should not

B. can’t

C. may not

D. don’t have to

E. must not

Give it a try first! Learning English ______ be as hard as you think.

A. must not

B. might not

C. should not

D. doesn’t have to

E. can’t

I’m not sure but this laptop ______ broken.

A. might be

B. will be

C. should be

D. has to be

E. must be

It’s quite cloudy. It _____ rain.

A. has to

B. must

C. can

D. might

E. should

They _______ visit us tomorrow, but they haven’t decided yet.

A. should

B. can

C. may

D. have to

E. will


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