Grammar Quiz

Future Continuous Tense Quiz


Sorry, I can’t. I ________ my daughter to work at that time.

A. will be taking

B. ‘ll take

C. won’t be take

D. will be taking

At 8.00 next Monday the committee _______________ (discuss) this question.

A. will be discussing

B. will discussing

C. is discussing

D. was discussing

Will he …………. a letter at 2:00 tomorrow?

A. be writing

B. is writing

C. was writing

D. were writing

Will she ………… dinner at 5 o’clock tomorrow?

A. is cooking

B. be cooking

C. was cooking

D. cooking

Children ……………. (not/play) the whole day tomorrow.

A. isn’t playing

B. won’t be playing

C. aren’t playing

D. were not playing

she ……… a book at ten o’clock tomorrow.

A. was reading

B. is reading

C. will be reading

D. were reading

Next week I will have no time to play around because I _________ (watch) all his matches.

A. was watching

B. am watching

C. will be watching

D. am not watching

I’ll try my best to spot you. What ________ wearing?

A. will you

B. will

C. will you be

D. will be

They ________ the cottage that weekend.

A. using

B. ‘ll be using

C. ‘re be using

D. ‘s be using

Students _______________ (speak) English the whole lesson tomorrow

A. will be speaking

B. were speaking

C. are speaking

D. was speaking

Where ________ sleeping?

A. you be

B. will you

C. will you be

D. will you being

Nigel _____ be coming to the picnic.

A. won’t

B. won’t not

C. willn’t

D. willing

Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to play tennis from 3:00 to 4:30. So at 4:00 tomorrow. I………………tennis

A. Will play

B. Won’t play

C. Will be playing

D. Will have played

E. Will have played

We’ll be ________ the news at 10pm.

A. watch

B. watching

C. to watch

D. watches

Don’t forget your snowpants.
It ________ by the time you get to school.

A. will snowing

B. is snowing

C. will be snowing

D. will be snow

At 3.00 tomorrow Beni …………….. (sleep).

A. will be sleeping

B. is sleeping

C. was sleeping

D. were sleeping

At noon tomorrow, I ________ on a beach somewhere.

A. ‘ll be relaxing

B. relax

C. will being relax

D. will being relaxing


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