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Future Continuous Tense Quiz


Don’t forget your snow pants. It ________ by the time you get to school.

A. will snowing

B. is snowing

C. will be snowing

D. is snow

You …………… for her when her plane arrives tonight.

A. will be wait

B. will waiting

C. will be waiting

Andra wins the story telling competition so he ……the medal tomorrow.

A. will be achieving

B. will be allowing

C. will be receiving

D. will be getting

My uncle will be ___________________________ us to the recycling centre at this time next Sunday.

A. drive

B. drove

C. driving

D. drives

Sorry, I can’t. I ________ my daughter to work at that time.

A. will be taking

B. will take

C. won’t be take

D. can’t take

When I telephone Jalil, he will be ___________________________ his mother in the kitchen.

A. helping

B. helped

C. helps

D. help

Deepa and I will not be ___________________________ to the talk at 8p.m. tonight.

A. going

B. goes

C. went

D. go

Don’t pick me up at 09.00 am. I ……. the room for test.

A. shall be entering

B. shall not be entering

C. shall be not entering

D. shall being entering

This time tomorrow you ……. sitting in a deck chair on the beach.

A. were

B. will be

C. will

D. are

They ________ the cottage that weekend.

A. using

B. ‘ll be using

C. ‘re be using

D. ‘s be using

This time tomorrow night, my sister___________________________ in a concert

A. will be performs

B. will be performed

C. will be perfom

D. will be performing

David _ at the club tonight. We should go and see him. He’s a great sax player.

A. will play

B. will be playing

C. shall be play

D. shall playing

This time tomorrow, he _______ (have) coffee at Paris

A. will have

B. will going to have

C. will having

D. will be having

I guess you …………….. thirsty after working in the sun.

A. are feeling

B. will be felt

C. will be feeling

Where ________ sleeping?

A. you be

B. will you

C. will you be

D. will you being

Will our teachers be ___________________________ us to the eco park tomorrow morning?

A. accompany

B. accompanies

C. accompanied

D. accompanying

At nine o’clock tomorrow morning, our headmaster ___________________________ the names of the winners of the poster competition.

A. will be announce

B. will be announcing

C. will be announced

D. will be announces

The scouts ___________________________ to the waterfall at this time next week.

A. will be hiked

B. will be hikes

C. will be hiking

D. will be hike

If you get late again tonight, I _________ (not wait) for you. So, we’re clear.

A. will be waiting

B. won’t waiting

C. won’t be waiting

D. won’t wait

Sara will not be ___________________________ her room when you arrive home.

A. tidy

B. tidies

C. tidied

D. tidying

This time next week Susy _________ at the beach.

A. will be sitting

B. will sitting

C. will be sit

Will you be ___________________________ the computer when your brother comes home?

A. use

B. uses

C. using

D. used

We’ll be ________ the news at 10pm.

A. watch

B. watching

C. to watch

D. watches

I __________ (study) whole day tomorrow.

A. will be studied

B. will be studiing

C. will be studyed

D. will be studying

…… you and I …. around the town square at seven tomorrow morning?.

A. will , am jogging

B. will, be not jogging

C. will, be jogging

D. will, are jogging


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