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Future Continuous Tense Quiz


You ………… with Miss Cool again when you turn up for work tomorrow.

A. will be work

B. will be working

C. will being worked

D. will working

They ________ the cottage that weekend.

A. using

B. ‘ll be using

C. ‘re be using

D. ‘s be using

You …………… for her when her plane arrives tonight.

A. will be wait

B. will waiting

C. will be waiting

Winda will be …… her exam at 08.00 am tomorrow.

A. do

B. does

C. did

D. doing

The judge _______the names of the winners any time now.

A. announced

B. will announce

C. will be announcing

D. announces

What will you be doing at 2.00 p.m?

A. I will be  having lunch with my date.

B. I will have lunch with my date.

Will he …………. a letter at 2:00 tomorrow?

A. be writing

B. is writing

C. was writing

D. were writing

Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to play tennis from 3:00 to 4:30. So at 4:00 tomorrow. I………………tennis

A. Will play

B. Won’t play

C. Will be playing

D. Will have played

E. Will have played

This time next week we will …… at the beach.

A. sitting

B. be

C. be sitting

Will you be ___________________________ the computer when your brother comes home?

A. use

B. uses

C. using

D. used

I …….. Jim at the conference next week.

A. am seeing

B. will seeing

C. will be seeing

D. will be seen

Our school team ____________________________basketball against the Kedah team two days later.

A. is playing

B. played

C. plays

D. will be playing

Aini ___________________________ the speaker when he finished his talk.

A. will be tanks

B. will be thanking

C. will thanking

D. will be thanked

Don’t forget your snowpants.
It ________ by the time you get to school.

A. will snowing

B. is snowing

C. will be snowing

D. will be snow

At 3.00 tomorrow Beni …………….. (sleep).

A. will be sleeping

B. is sleeping

C. was sleeping

D. were sleeping

The government will be ___________________________ out with a plan to reduce the use of public transport this time next month.

A. comes

B. coming

C. came

D. come

We’ll be ________ the news at 10pm.

A. watch

B. watching

C. to watch

D. watches

He …… be playing all afternoon.

A. will play

B. will not

C. will

D. is

At nine I …………. the news.

A. watching

B. be watching

C. will be watching

D. am going to

At this time next week, we ___________________________ about global warming.

A. will be learn

B. will be learns

C. will be learning

D. will be learnt

The bus ____________________________ at the station in ten minutes time

A. will be arriving

B. arrived

C. arrive

D. arriving

Mr. Amal will be drawing a paint at 08.00 pm. The negative form of the sentence is …..

A. Mr. Amal will not be drawing a paint at 08.00 pm.

B. Mr. Amal won’t not be drawing a paint at 08.00 pm.

C. Mr. Amal will be not drawing a paint at 08.00 pm.

D. Mr. Amal not will be drawing a paint at 08.00 pm.

Will they be ………… again?

A. fight

B. fighted

C. fighting

I’ll try my best to spot you. What ________ wearing?

A. will you

B. will

C. will you be

D. will be

The teacher ……. English two hours later. She have to attend the meeting.

A. will teach

B. will be teaching

C. will not be teaching

D. will be not teaching


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