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Future Forms Quiz


Hi, Miyuki. __________________ anything at the weekend? – No, I’ve got nothing planned at the moment.

A. Are you doing

B. Will you do

C. Do you do

D. Are you going to do

-“I’m thirsty.” – “Oh, I ………………………….. you some coffee.”

A. make

B. ‘m going to make

C. ‘ll make

Hi, John. What ________________ after school today? – I’m not sure yet.

A. are you doing

B. will you do

C. you do

D. do you do

Many scientists think that the Earth’s temperature _______________by 2-3°C in the next 50 years.

A. will rise

B. is going to rise

C. is rising

D. rises

I’ve made up my mind. I __________ (change) my job next year.

A. change

B. ‘m going to change

C. ‘ll change

The English lesson ____________ at 8:45.

A. is going to start

B. starts

C. will start

D. have started

Dad ____________ for you at the airport when you arrive.

A. will be waited

B. will be waiting

C. will have waited

If he doesn’t start working harder, he _________ the course.

A. fails

B. is failing

C. will fail

D. is going to fail

Did you know that John and Miyuki ________________ next month?

A. get married

B. will get married

C. are going to get married

D. are getting married

I’ll meet you at the station exit. What _________________?

A. do you wearing

B. will you have worn

C. will you be wearing

The examination will _________ at 9.30. Don’t be late!

A. will start

B. is going to start

C. starts

D. is starting

Perhaps I_________ New York one day.

A. ‘m going to visit

B. ‘m visiting

C. ‘ll visit

These boxes are so heavy. ________ you carry them for me, please?

A. Do

B. Did

C. Will

D. Are

We____________________ dinner at a nice restaurant on Saturday, but we haven’t booked a table yet.

A. are going to have

B. will have

C. are having

D. is going to have

What time _______________________?

A. does the show begin

B. will the show began

C. is the show going to begin

I don’t know if I have time to come this evening. I _________.

A. see

B. ‘m going to see

C. ‘ll see

Listen! There’s someone at the door. I _________ the door for you.

A. will open

B. am going to open

C. open

D. have opened

The train _________ at 11:45.

A. is leaving

B. leaves

C. is going to leave

D. will leave

I wonder if Peter is back from his marketing trip? I _________ (give) him a ring.

A. give

B. ‘m giving

C. ‘m going to give

D. ‘ll give

If you leave it until tomorrow, all the tickets will ______________.

A. be selling

B. have been selling

C. have been sold

We’ll be starving as we _____________ since breakfast.

A. won’t have eaten

B. will have been eating

C. will not be eating

I _____________________ my sister in April.

A. am going to see

B. will see

C. have seen

D. see

The coach ____ at 9.00, so don’t be late.

A. leaves

B. is leaving

C. ‘ll leave

The grass is getting very long. – I know. I ____________ it after lunch.

A. am cutting

B. am going to cut

C. will cut

D. cut

Stephen _______________ to the party as he’s got a cold.

A. won’t be coming

B. won’t have been coming

C. won’t have come


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