Grammar Quiz

Future Forms Quiz


Stephen _______________ to the party as he’s got a cold.

A. won’t be coming

B. won’t have been coming

C. won’t have come

If you leave it until tomorrow, all the tickets will ______________.

A. be selling

B. have been selling

C. have been sold

Dad ____________ for you at the airport when you arrive.

A. will be waited

B. will be waiting

C. will have waited

I’ll meet you at the station exit. What _________________?

A. do you wearing

B. will you have worn

C. will you be wearing

Fifty years from now people ________________ to over 100.

A. will be living

B. will have lived

C. will be lived

Do you think you _________________ the same job next year?

A. will still have doing

B. will still be doing

C. will still have done

We’ll be starving as we _____________ since breakfast.

A. won’t have eaten

B. will have been eating

C. will not be eating


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