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The grass is getting very long. – I know. I ____________ it after lunch.

A. am cutting

B. am going to cut

C. will cut

D. cut

Did you know that John and Miyuki ________________ next month?

A. get married

B. will get married

C. are going to get married

D. are getting married

Do you think it ____________ rain? – Maybe. The sky is getting very dark.

A. is going to

B. will rain

C. is raining

D. rains

Fifty years from now people ________________ to over 100.

A. will be living

B. will have lived

C. will be lived

Stephen _______________ to the party as he’s got a cold.

A. won’t be coming

B. won’t have been coming

C. won’t have come

I’ll meet you at the station exit. What _________________?

A. do you wearing

B. will you have worn

C. will you be wearing

The examination will _________ at 9.30. Don’t be late!

A. will start

B. is going to start

C. starts

D. is starting

The lesson ______________ 20 minutes earlier today. The teachers have to go to a meeting.

A. finishes

B. will finish

C. is going to finish

D. is finishing

Hi, John. What ________________ after school today? – I’m not sure yet.

A. are you doing

B. will you do

C. you do

D. do you do

I _________________ around for a few months before starting university.

A. am travelling

B. will travel

C. am going to travel

D. travel

Dad ____________ for you at the airport when you arrive.

A. will be waited

B. will be waiting

C. will have waited

Hi, Miyuki. __________________ anything at the weekend? – No, I’ve got nothing planned at the moment.

A. Are you doing

B. Will you do

C. Do you do

D. Are you going to do

I ________________ you how much I spent on my new computer. You’d be shocked!

A. am not telling 

B. won’t tell

C. am not going to tell

D. don’t tell

Many scientists think that the Earth’s temperature _______________by 2-3°C in the next 50 years.

A. will rise

B. is going to rise

C. is rising

D. rises

If he doesn’t start working harder, he _________ the course.

A. fails

B. is failing

C. will fail

D. is going to fail

Would you like to play tennis? – No, I __________ for my vocabulary test tomorrow.

A. study

B. am going to study

C. am studying

D. will study

Hurry up! The shop ___________ in 15 minutes and we still haven’t bought all the food we need.

A. is closing

B. is going to close

C. closes

D. will close

Does Miko know about the party next week? – I’m not sure. I _______ her when I see her.

A. ask

B. am asking

C. am going to ask

D. will ask

I ______________  to school tomorrow for a change.

A. am walking

B. will walk

C. walk

D. am going to walk

Do you think you _________________ the same job next year?

A. will still have doing

B. will still be doing

C. will still have done

If you leave it until tomorrow, all the tickets will ______________.

A. be selling

B. have been selling

C. have been sold

We’ll be starving as we _____________ since breakfast.

A. won’t have eaten

B. will have been eating

C. will not be eating


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