Grammar Quiz

Gerund or Infinitives Quiz


For health reasons, I stopped…

A. eating much sugar

B. to eat much sugar

C. eating much sugar.

Don’t forget________ a gift when you’re invited for dinner.

A. to take

B. taking

On you way home today, don’t forget…

A. picking up some milk

B. to pick up some milk.

I always remember…

A. spending time with my parents.

B. to spend time with my parents.

Carl avoids ____________ to the theatre.

A. to go

B. going

I’m sorry I interrupted. Please go on…

A. to tell your story

B. telling your story.

I learned ________________ a bike when I was five.

A. to ride

B. riding

I enjoy _______________ any kind of exercise.

A. doing

B. to do

You never forget ________ Paris for the first time.

A. to see

B. seeing

Would you like _______________ fishing this weekend?

A. to go

B. going

I spilled my coffee so I had to stop…

A. to clean it up.

B. cleaning it up.

C. to cleaned it up.

After dinner, the host went on……..

A. to serve dessert.

B. serving dessert

C. to serve desert.

Did you remember _______ a cake for Maria’s birthday?

A. to buy

B. buying

Did you finish ____________ your homework?

A. to do

B. doing

My mom always says, “Don’t forget _________________ the light!”

A. to turn off

B. turning off

We want ______________ hiking this weekend.

A. going

B. to go

I stopped ________ my lunch before getting back to work.

A. to eat

B. eating

I need _______________ some eggs.

A. to buy

B. buying

Do you remember ______ crocodile pizza when we were in Australia?

A. to try

B. trying

After working as a chef, Maria went on _______ her own restaurant.

A. to buy

B. buying

Amy hopes______________ to Africa someday.

A. to go

B. going

Mike is planning ______________ on holiday to Norway.

A. going

B. to go


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