Grammar Quiz

Possessive Adjectives Quiz


What color is Peter’s house?

________ house is white.

A. Her

B. Its

C. Their

D. His

The dog is very lovely. ___ name is Snowy.

A. His

B. My

C. Its

D. Their

This is Maria and this is ________ computer.

A. her

B. your

C. his

D. my

_____ song was good, and I liked _______, too

A. His / your

B. Her/ yours

C. Theirs/ yours

D. Her / your

The teachers are teaching __ students.

A. its

B. their

C. his

D. her

Did you finish __________ work on time?

A. yours

B. his

C. her

D. your

I don’t know the time because I can’t find __ watch. I can’t remember where did I put it.

a. your

b. his

c. my

d. her

_______ parents are from Auckland.

A. We

B. You

C. Our

D. She

Hello, my name is Sarah and this is ________ dog.

A. My

B. Their

C. Our

D. Its

Where are Thomas’s and Tina’s books?

__________ books are under the desk.

A. Our

B. Their

C. My

D. Her

I’m from Korea. Most of ___ friends are from Korea too.

A. her

B. my

C. his

D. its

They have a bakery. ______ business is really well.

A. They

B. Their

C. Her

D. His


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