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Knee Anatomy Quiz


What two main movements occur at the knee?

A. Flexion and Extension

B. Rotation and Flexion

C. Abduction and Flexion

D. Adduction and Flexion

The cushion between the femur and tibia is the ________.

A. Ligament

B. Meniscus


D. Patellar Tendon

What action occurs with the quads?

A. Flexion

B. Extension

C. Rotation

D. Abduction

Where are the hamstrings located?

A. Anterior

B. Posterior

C. Inferior

D. Lateral

What injury could this be?

A. Patella Strain

B. Patella Fracture

C. Patella Dislocation

D. A bruise

What about the meniscus is true?

A. There is a medial meniscus and lateral meniscus.

B. The menisci absorb shock with compression forces to the knee

C. The menisci are poorly vascular

D. All of the above

A _________ force puts pressure from the lateral side and stresses the medial side of the knee

A. Big

B. Valgus

C. Varus

D. Superior

What does ACL stand for?

A. Atlanta Cruciate Ligament

B. Anterior Cruciate Ligament

C. Anterior Coolio Ligament

What type of joint is the knee joint?

A. Hinge

B. Ball in socket

C. Modified hinge

D. modified ball in socket

How many muscles make up the quadriceps?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

What bone is the knee cap?

A. Tibia

B. Fibula

C. Patella

D. Femur

Where does the patellar tendon insert?

A. Tibia plateau

B. Tibial shalt

C. Tibial tuberosity

D. Fibular head

What four bones make up the knee joint?

A. Tibia

B. Fibula

C. Patella

D. Femur

E. All of the above

The ligament on the inside of the knee is the MCL.



Is this a bad position to be in?

A. Yes

B. No

C. It is not NO

D. Don’t click no.


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