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Grammar - Future Action Quiz


Mary always _________ the school bus to school.

A. takes

B. took

C. will take

We __________ our snacks during the ten-minute break later.

A. ate

B. eat

C. will eat

Sally _________ her aunt every week.

A. visits

B. will visit

C. visited

Look at that dark sky. It _________ soon.

A. rains

B. rained

C. will rain

The team of brave men __________ that mountain last year.

A. will climb

B. climbed

C. climb

They _________ in the school concert a week ago.

A. will sing

B. sang

C. sing

Alex ____________ his teacher about Tim if he does not stop disturbing him.

A. will tell

B. told

C. tells

We _________ at the playground after lunch this afternoon.

A. will play

B. played

C. play

They __________ a movie at the cinema last week.

A. watched

B. will watch

C. watch

I ___________ my own bedroom when my family moves into our new house next month.

A. will have

B. had

C. have

I __________ the library books tomorrow.

A. will return

B. returned

C. return

He __________ some ants in the garden just now.

A. will catch

B. caught

C. catches

Tom _________ the competition next week.

A. will join

B. joined

C. joins

The sun ________ out light.

A. will give

B. gave

C. gives

She _________ out for dinner tonight.

A. goes

B. will go

C. went


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