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I _____ been hit by a car, but luckily I just managed to get out of the way.

A. may have

B. can have

C. could have

D. might have

I had a close ______ with my teacher while driving my car because she almost hit me.

A. berserk

B. chasten

C. retaliate

D. encounter

E. sham

The word MISGIVING most nearly means:

A. A feeling of uneasiness, fear, or distrust

B. Clearly, plainly; for a specific purpose

C. Clever, original or inventive

D. Done immediately; occurring without delay

Label the picture.

A. bamboo

B. steel

C. netting

I’m going to sit outside in the ___ today.

A. garden

B. bed

C. garage

Label the picture.

A. concrete

B. steel

C. brick

When they found the criminal they planned to _____ him in the court.

A. prosecute

B. underscore

C. precaution

D. puncture

E. encounter

The jury was tough but they voted to ________ the criminal based on the evidence.

– Which word best completes the sentence?
A. Mortal

B. Acquit

C. Keepsake

D. Ovation

The word TRIBUTE most nearly means:

A. Enjoyment in the taste of something

B. Forbidden or not permitted; illegal or unlawful

C. An act, statement or gift intending to show thanks or respect

D. To cut apart or to pieces

His flat is on the 3rd ____.

A. ground

B. floor

C. lift

I don’t mind if you cook, but make sure you don’t _____ in the kitchen.

A. make a mess

B. make a dishes

C. make a coffee

You must get in your room and ________.

A. make a mess

B. make your bed

C. make the housework

Jenny has lost the ___ to her house and now she can’t get in.

A. wall

B. door

C. keys

Please clean the _____. I can’t see the garden.

A. windows

B. wall

C. sink

The cheerleading pyramid looked stable until everyone started to _______ onto the ground.

a. Elusive

b. Petty

c. Topple

d. Strand

How long have they _____ there?

A. waiting

B. been waited

C. been waiting

D. waited

Which of the following is correct?

A. the team plays good in decisive games.

B. the team plays well in decisive games.

Which of the following is correct?

A. The candidate promised not to raise taxes when elected.

B. The candidate promised not to rise taxes when elected.

The word LIBEL most nearly means:

A. A false written statement intended to damage a person’s reputation

B. The sending of message to a destination

C. To surround with military forces

D. A person regarded as stupid or clumsy

I am hot and dirty from working in the garden. I need to ________; a hot one.

A. take a break

B. take a rest

C. take a bath

The word CULPRIT most nearly means:

A. To use up; to consume fully

B. Someone or something guilty of a crime or an offense; the one at fault

C. A death resulting from an accident or a disaster

D. To twist the body, face or limbs, as in pain or distress

The word PERSEVERE most nearly means:

A. To scrub clean

B. Easily deceived; too trusting

C. To continue striving in spite of discouragements and difficulties

D. A written message to reference later; a record or note to help remember

Which of the following is correct?

A. Neither of the players in the last game was injured.

B. neither of the players in the last game were injured.

He was _____ in the French language even though he was born in Mexico.

A. sulky

B. deter

C. supplement

D. fluent

E. misapprehension

Your furniture is ancient! ______, Carol, go buy some modern things.

A. move the housework

B. move house

C. move with the times


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