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All the chairs were taken so Billy ____ on the floor.

A. stood

B. lay

C. sat

D. knelt

It’s a fun game and a great — too.

A. beat

B. lose

C. net

D. workout

The farmer is working in the field on his ___________.

A. buses

B. tractors

C. helicopters

D. boats

She ____ in a small house near the park

A. lives

B. live

C. stays

D. living

In my family, my father always takes charge of doing the ____ lifting.

A. strong

B. hard

C. huge

D. heavy

I’m going to sit outside in the ___ today.

A. garden

B. bed

C. garage

I can’t . . . how to change my password.

A. hand in

B. get on

C. break up

D. figure out

E. put off

I’ve got lots of _______, but only a few are really good friends

A. close friends

B. acquantainces

C. neighbors

D. partners

Can anyone ………………. the fan? It stopped completely.

A. monitor

B. install

C. repair

D. maintain

The word TRIBUTE most nearly means:

A. Enjoyment in the taste of something

B. Forbidden or not permitted; illegal or unlawful

C. An act, statement or gift intending to show thanks or respect

D. To cut apart or to pieces

something set within a certain boundary

A. empower

B. suspicious

C. resembled

D. limitation

What book ____ you reading at the moment?

A. is

B. are

C. do

The aim of the culture festival is to ____________ friendship between the two countries.

A. promote

B. assess

C. access

D. interact

_____________ you go, ______________ you arrive there.

A. The later / the earlier

B. The sooner / the later

C. The sooner / the earlier

D. The / the

looked like something or someone else

A. solemnly

B. relaying

C. resembled

D. suspicious

Foreigners who visit Vietnam comply with Vietnamese law.

A. Can

B. could

C. may

D. must

Mr. Nam earns money to support for hisfamily. He is the _______.

A. housemaid

B. father

C. breadwinner

D. homemaker

These devices allow the robot to physically ___________ with its environment.

A. promote

B. assess

C. access

D. interact

Which words can match the verb given to form collocation?

Verb: Move
A. house

B. a mess

C. a break

My sister____ she ____ ___ a difference in her community.

A. wants to make

B. make-wants to make

C. wish – could make

D. wishes- could make

Which words can match the verb given to form collocation?

Verb: Make
A. a rest

B. a mess

C. with the times

Jamillah usually has a__________before she goes to work in the morning.

A. shower

B. bathroom

C. water

My Geography teacher has got a big __________ with all the continents on it in his classroom

A. concept

B. planet

C. world

D. globe

My mobile phone was made in China, but a………………. in KSA

A. monitored

B. assembled

C. installed

D. maintained

The first self-sufficient village in Britain ____ the Norman’s idea. They were some strange invaders who ____ to change the country in a better way.

A. was – hoped

B. is – have hoped

C. have been – were hoping

D. was being – had hoped


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