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Unless If First Conditional Quiz


If you don’t do the vacuuming, the house _____ terrible.

A. looks

B. will look

_____ he takes the bus, he ______ be late at school.

A. if / will

B. unless / will

C. If / won´t

D. unless / won´t

I ______ go to the party tonight ______ I study today.

A. If / will

B. would / If they

C. won´t / unless

D. will / If you

If I _____ enough money, I ______ buy some new shoes.

A. had / will

B. have/ Would have

C. has / won´t

D. have / will

If he _______ the car, he _____ buy it.

A. liked / will

B. likes / will

C. like / will

D. linking / will

If they _______ come here, we _______ have to go home.

A. are / will

B. don´t / will

C. aren´t / will

D. do / will

Unless you stop being so lazy, …

A. we’ll never be friends.

B. you’ll never get good marks in school.

C. unless you change.

I won’t offer my help…

A. we’ll never be friends again.

B. unless she asks for it.

C. you’ll never get good marks in school.

I ______ watch a movie ______ I finish my homework.

A. won´t / if

B. will/ unles

C. won´t / unless

D. might / if

I ______ lose weight ________ I do exercise.

A. won´t / unless

B. would / unless

C. won´t / if

D. might / if

If it ________, I ________ go to the park

A. rained / would

B. rain / will

C. rains / won´t

D. rained / won´t

She _____ be late unless she _____ the train.

A. won´t / took

B. would / taken

C. will / takes

D. might / take


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