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Adjective Quiz


Car racing is the _____ game.

A. A. dangerous

B. B. more dangerous

C. C. most dangerous

The queen is the ____________ ant in the colony.

A. large

B. larger

C. largest

My father has a _________ box.

A. old small black Turkish

B. small old Turkish black

C. small old black Turkish

D. small Turkish old black

This is a picture of a _______ bus.

A. red bright London

B. bright red London

C. London bright red

D. London red bright

My cousin bought a ______ bowl.

A. blue ancient lovely small

B. lovely blue small ancient

C. lovely blue small ancient

D. lovely small ancient blue

They say he’s a ______ student for his age.

A. tall mature brilliant

B. mature brilliant tall

C. brilliant tall mature

D. tall brilliant mature

He is not poor. He is ___.

A. big

B. rich

My class is not small. It is ___.

A. tiny

B. big

My dress is ___ expensive than yours.

A. A. more

B. B. most

C. C. much

Among the boys, Nathan is the _____ cooperative.

A. A. less

B. B. more

C. C. most

Which is _____ delicious, apples or grapes?

A. A. more

B. B. most

C. C. least

Find the adjective: I could smell the blue flowers in the vase.

A. smell

B. I

C. blue

D. flowers

I like to eat Chinese food for dinner.

A. like

B. food

C. dinner

D. Chinese

Ocean is ____ than the sea

A. A. deep

B. B. deeper

C. C. deepest

The speaker is a _________ professor.

A. old short Spanish kind

B. kind short old Spanish

C. Spanish kind old short

D. kind Spanish short old

Jack’s father bought him a(n) ________ bike as a birthday gift.

A. blue Japanese expensive

B. expensive Japanese blue

C. Japanese expensive blue

D. expensive blue Japanese

They cook a meal for their children.

A. delicious big traditional Vietnamese

B. Vietnamese delicious big traditional

C. traditional delicious big Vietnamese

D. big delicious traditional Vietnamese

She is good at creating _________ paintings.

A. interesting Vietnamese new square

B. square Vietnamese new interesting

C. Vietnamese interesting square new

D. interesting square new Vietnamese

Car racing is the _____ game.

A. A. dangerous

B. B. more dangerous

C. C. most dangerous

I would like to have _______ sports shoes to run in the park.

A. grey medium leather comfortable

B. comfortable medium grey leather

C. comfortable leather grey medium

D. medium leather comfortable grey

During the winter I like having a _______ house.

A. pretty small red wooden

B. wooden pretty small red

C. small pretty red wooden

D. red wooden pretty small

My mother would like to buy a __________ bag.

A. big plastic blue Russian

B. big Russian blue plastic

C. big blue Russian plastic

D. Russian plastic big blue

Find the adjective: The yellow sun was shining in the sky.

A. yellow

B. sun

C. shining

D. sky

Dog’s bite is _____ .

A. A. harmful

B. B. more harmful

C. C. most harmful.

The teacher is not ___. She is beautiful.

A. ugly

B. sweet


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