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Adjective Quiz


She is good at creating _________ paintings.

A. interesting Vietnamese new square

B. square Vietnamese new interesting

C. Vietnamese interesting square new

D. interesting square new Vietnamese

Dog’s bite is _____ .

A. A. harmful

B. B. more harmful

C. C. most harmful.

They say he’s a ______ student for his age.

A. tall mature brilliant

B. mature brilliant tall

C. brilliant tall mature

D. tall brilliant mature

Car racing is the _____ game.

A. A. dangerous

B. B. more dangerous

C. C. most dangerous

My father has a _________ box.

A. old small black Turkish

B. small old Turkish black

C. small old black Turkish

D. small Turkish old black

The snake is not short. It is ___.

A. long

B. short

Lara goes to a _________ temple every week.

A. great big ancient Buddhist

B. Buddhist great big ancient

C. ancient great big Buddhist

D. big great ancient Buddhist

Ocean is ____ than the sea

A. A. deep

B. B. deeper

C. C. deepest

My mother would like to buy a __________ bag.

A. big plastic blue Russian

B. big Russian blue plastic

C. big blue Russian plastic

D. Russian plastic big blue

My sister lives in a __________ apartment.

A. nice wooden new

B. new nice wooden

C. nice new wooden

D. wooden nice new

The queen is the ____________ ant in the colony.

A. large

B. larger

C. largest

Find the adjective: I could smell the blue flowers in the vase.

A. smell

B. I

C. blue

D. flowers

Find the adjective: The tall trees were blowing in the wind.

A. trees

B. blowing

C. wind

D. tall

During the winter I like having a _______ house.

A. pretty small red wooden

B. wooden pretty small red

C. small pretty red wooden

D. red wooden pretty small

Her bag is _____ than mine.

A. A. heavy

B. B. heavier

C. C. heaviest

The salty ocean is home to many fish and mammals.

A. salty

B. ocean

C. home

D. fish

The old man owns a ____________ coffee table.

A. French beautiful round old

B. beautiful French old round

C. old round beautiful French

D. beautiful old round French

My class is not small. It is ___.

A. tiny

B. big

Which is _____ delicious, apples or grapes?

A. A. more

B. B. most

C. C. least

His brother presented her a ________ clock.

A. oval nice Japanese digital

B. nice oval Japanese digital

C. digital oval Japanese nice

D. digital Japanese oval nice

My cousin bought a ______ bowl.

A. blue ancient lovely small

B. lovely blue small ancient

C. lovely blue small ancient

D. lovely small ancient blue

At first sight I met her. I was impressed with her ___________.

A. big beautiful round black eyes

B. beautiful black big round eyes

C. beautiful big round black eyes

D. beautiful round big black eyes

She is doing extremely well in her ________ graduate course.

A. intensive one-year English

B. one-year English intensive

C. intensive English one-year

D. English intensive one-year

There are some _________ pictures in this newspaper.

A. white interesting computer-generated new

B. computer-generated white interesting new

C. interesting new white computer-generated

D. new interesting computer-generated white

The speaker is a _________ professor.

A. old short Spanish kind

B. kind short old Spanish

C. Spanish kind old short

D. kind Spanish short old


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